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Active substance: milk thistle fruits crushed. 1 pack contains milk thistle fruit chopped 50 g, 100 g or 200 g.
Fruits. 50 g, 100 g or 200 g pack with an internal package.
In the complex treatment of chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, toxic liver disease.
1 teaspoon of fruit sugar and 1 glass with boiling water for 10-20 minutes and strain. Take warm, small sips, 1 glass 3 times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach, at lunch 30 minutes before meals and evening - before bedtime. The course of treatment determined by the physician depending on the nature and course of the disease.
Hypersensitivity to the drug. Special security measures. The drug should be used according to the doctor's recommendations and in the recommended doses. Do not use for the treatment of acute conditions.
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