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Active ingredient: 1 g of ointment contains povidone-iodine (equivalent to 10 mg / g active iodine free) 100 mg. Excipients: polyethylene glycols (macrogol) proхanol, sodium phosphate dodecahydrat, purified water.

Форма випуску:
Ointment. 20 and 40 g tubes.

Prevent infection in minor cuts and grazes, small burns and minor surgical procedures.
Treatment of fungal and bacterial skin infections, and infected pressure ulcers and venous ulcers.

Схема прийому:
The drug product for topical application. For the treatment of infections: Apply 1-2 times a day. Duration of treatment - no more than 14 days. To prevent infection: Apply 1-2 times a week until needed. Affected skin should be clean and dry. Apply a thin layer of ointment to the affected skin surface. In the treated skin can apply a bandage.