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Active substance: 1 bottle containing tinctures of herbs Leonurus (Leonuri herba) (1: 5) - 25 mL; Extractant: 70%.
Tincture. 25 mL vials.
Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia of hypertensive type), the initial stages of hypertension and increased emotional excitability, irritability, mild insomnia.
Motherwort tincture taken orally after meals. Adults appoint 30-50 drops of tincture 3-4 times a day for children over 12 years - a rate of 1 drop tincture for 1 year. Duration of treatment is determined individually for each patient, taking into account the nature, severity of the pathological process, the characteristics of the disease and tolerability stability achieved therapeutic effect.
Severe arterial hypotension (low blood pressure), bradycardia. Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
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