1 g of cream contains Panthenol calculated on 100% substance 50 mg. Excipients: phenoxyetanol, DL-pantolakton, ceramides, sodium cetylstearylsulfat, cetyl stearic alcohol, sodium polyacrylate, propylene glycol, lanolin, isopropyl, dymetikon, purified water.

Форма випуску:
Cream. 30 g tubes; 1 tube in a package.

The drug product is used for preventive treatment of dry, reddened skin or skin with cracks; to promote healing and epithelialization of skin with microdamages (minor burns and scratches); if skin irritation (which is a consequence of radiotherapy, phototherapy or ultraviolet radiation exposure); with erythema of the cradle; chronic skin ulcers; bedsores; anal fissures; cervical erosion after skin grafting; drug product for treatment of the skin of patients after corticosteroids; preventive care for breast cancer in women who are breastfeeding, and to treat irritation and cracked nipples.

Схема прийому:
• Accelerate healing and epithelialization, regular preventive skin treatment: drug product used one or more times a day, depending on needs.