ЗМІ про нас: «ФІТОФАРМ» визнано переможцем Національної премії «Вибір Країни–2020»

Annually analysts of the national rating “Choice of the Country” summarize the results of more than 150 categories of activities at the national and regional levels and determine the best enterprises in Ukraine. In 2020, the FITOFARM company took an honorable position among the selected market leaders.


The winners of the Choice Country Prize are selected according to the financial strength scores of FinScore and MarketScore companies based on the main financial indicators. Behind these significant metrics are success stories and painstaking work.


Last year the pharmaceutical manufacturer FITOFARM showed impressive growth rates. At the end of 2020, the Ei (evolution index) of FITOFARM PJSC in the retail market was 104*. This figure is higher than in many leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.


The growth rates of FITOFARM PJSC in 2020 outpaced the market dynamics by 1.5 times. The pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for 12 months of 2020 showed growth in monetary terms at the level of 8% compared to the same period in 2019. The growth rate of FITOFARM during this period was 12%.

The company’s retail sales amounted to UAH 602.7 million, an increase of UAH 64.9 million compared to 2019, which is 12%. The national award “Choice of the Country” was not the only award of the company last year. In 2020, FITOFARM entered the TOP-25 best employers in Ukraine according to the rating of the All-Ukrainian business analytical publication “Power of Money”.


It elected leading national and international companies with the best conditions for workers. In particular, with the effective measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities for professional and career growth of employees in the new circumstances.


For 47 years, consumers have been choosing pharmaceutical products from our company. The statuses of the winner of the National Prize “Choice of the Country-2020″ and one of the best employers in the country have once again confirmed that the strategy of innovation and systemic development we have chosen is correct, and the work is worthy of such recognition,” said Vladislav Malinin, General Director of FITOFARM PJSC.

Приз компании Фитофарм

The news was published by a specialized publication for doctors, pharmacists and pharmacists “Weekly Pharmacy” at the link


*Hereinafter, the drug market, data from the analytical system of market research “Pharmstandard” / “PharmXplorer” by “Proxima Research”.