ЗМІ про нас: «ФІТОФАРМ» продовжує посилювати команду і робить акцент на інновації

Top-ranked pharmaceutical manufacturer in Ukraine PRJSC “FITOFARM” reports about continuation of strengthening of its team with the best professionals of the pharmaceutical market.

PRJSC “FITOFARM” holds the stable position in the market. The sales of drug products have decreased by 19.2% (in UAH) as of May 2020, whereas, the sales of FITOFARM company have increased by 2.6%. For the full 5 months of the year the local pharmaceutical market has grown by 8.2%, and the indices of FITOFARM have grown by 12.4%.*

The strategy of the active growth has been shaped for 2020-2024 years where the focus is on the innovations and implementation of the process approach to the administration of business.
Mariana Martynchuk, who has 17 years of experience in projects management in the pharmaceutical business, including large international companies, has been appointed Head of Innovations and Strategic Marketing,

“The company forms high potential team for creation of culture of innovations, brand new ideas, approaches and startups,” – comments the new appointment Vladyslav Malynin, General Director of FITOFARM. – We choose the remarkable specialists, and they choose us. On the experience and appraisal of Mariana and other experts, who has already joined the company and who will join the company in future, we are going to use the best industry practices creating the stable base for the long-term successful growth.”

Mariana is responsible for the development of the company’s product portfolio, international markets access and the exclusive distribution of the innovative products of the international companies in Ukraine.

Prior to joining FITOFARM Mariana occupied the position of Head of Marketing Department in “Sopharma Ukraine” company, where she was responsible for promotion of the drug products in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Poland.

Earlier she worked at companies “MDS Ukraine”, “Nobel Pharma”, “Delta Medical” as Head of Field Service and Marketing Manager.

“For the active growth it is important to strengthen the existing brands, as well as to launch new high competitive products in the market, – comments Mariana Martynchuk. – The accent will be upon the segments, where the company has already won strong positions and it continues to maintain them – “Sexual health” and “Herbal medicinal products”.
My aim is to turn innovations to the lifestyle and the way of thinking of our team, that is why the corporate project “Total Innovations” for maximum attraction of the employees to the company’s strategy delivery has been launched.

As previously reported, strengthening of the management team of PRJSC FITOFARM took place in autumn 2019.

Vladyslav Malynin took the post of General Director, prior he was CEO of the direct investments of Astrolaks Invest LLC, earlier he took the position of CFO of Ukrainian Media Holding UMH Group, CFO and Member of the Board of Veres Group. Vladyslav’s experience in pharmaceutical industry equals 5 years.

Volodymyr Kvashuk is at the head of the Commercial Management, who prior to FITOFARM headed RX Department at Sandoz Ukraine, earlier he was the Head of Sales Department at Ipsen Ukraine and Marketing Coordinator at Pfizer Ukraine. Volodymyr’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry is more than 15 years.

*Under the data of the analytical system for market study “PharmXplorer” / “Pharmstandard of the company “Proxima Research”.

The news is published by the specialized edition for the doctors, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians ”Weekly paper APTEKA” under the link: https://www.apteka.ua/article/552800