Вишиваний світ «ФІТОФАРМ»

How to celebrate the Day of Embroidery true Ukrainians? Yes, so… Wherever they are, they dress in a national costume, which is one of the brightest symbols of Ukraine. Because this holiday erases all the borders! The national pharmaceutical manufacturer – «FITOFARM» company also joined the all-Ukrainian flashmobile this year.

On May 16, the girls and boys of the company «FITOFARM» literally «blossomed», flashed red, blue, yellow, green and other incredible interweaving of colors. Dissolve red poppies and radiant sunflowers, colorful ivy trees spilled like a river, spread out ornaments and laces…

The impression, as if past and present, merged into one whole, because the combination of embroidery with modern clothes looks fantastic!

The participants of the flashmob received a lot of positive emotions, because catching the enthusiastic looks is very nice! And here is our flower team.

Colorful Kiev office and floral Production:

Picturesque Sales Force:

By such actions we not only popularize our traditions, but also demonstrate that we are able to unite around them.

This flashmob for us is another way to say that now and for all, we support our country and we are proud of it!

Let your embroidery protect you and your home!