В гостях у НФаУ: «ФІТОФАРМ» зустрівся зі студентами

Oh, and this is not an easy task to choose your first job! Should I start in a pharmacy? Should I try in pharmaceutical promotion? Perhaps can I do research? Or should I give preference for the medicines manufacturing? Sooner or later every graduate finds himself or herself at crossroads. We wanted to help future pharmacists to decide on their main choice in life.

«We build a career together» – career days were held with participation of FITOFAM and students of the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv.

Our company made presentation to students, presenting them the manufacturing site and the company as a whole, open vacancies, career prospects and social package for employees. In turn, students asked questions about the possible employment.

Such events are very useful for both students and employers: they help young professionals without experience to get a decent job, and employers to make sure that their choice is correct.

The doors of «FITOFAM» are always open for active and talented applicants of all ages, ready to learn new things and implement interesting and promising projects.