Команду виробництва нагородили поїздкою на «Блакитні озера»

Feel how it smells? We haven’t started the story yet and from this article it immediately blew a fresh breeze with the smell of a nearby pond! And this quiet splash of a pacified wave, warm sand between fingers and a light breeze, scattering sun glare on the surface of blue water… Is this not real happiness! 

The phrase “let’s go on a picnic” could make wonders! Delicious food in the fresh air, picking up mushrooms, active games on the beach, gentle sun, bright foliage, a sea of smiles – all these components are so requested on the canvas.

Not surprisingly, picnics often inspired great artists. “Hunters at rest” by Perov, “Picnic” by James Tissot and Claude Monet, “Family Picnic” by Pirosmani and the scandalous “Breakfast on the Grass” by Eduard Manet … At one time went on a picnic the heroes of Chekhov and Dickens, Mr. Bean, Tom and Jerry, Catherine and Gosha from the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”…

Recently, this list of lucky was added with the production team of “FITOFARM” in the amount of 62 people, including members of their families. A place for Saturday’s rest was a picturesque lake with the alluring name “Blue Lakes”. This location was chosen for a reason.

A bit of geography and a drop of history:

“Blue Lakes” are man-made quarries for the extraction of quartz sand (yes, the very one from which are made bricks and tiles). During the mining process, the mines were filled with ground and spring waters. Clean and clear water along with white sand creates the effect of “blue water”, which gave the name to the lakes.

And the reason was not long in coming. The Bakhmut team received a trip to the “Blue Lakes” as a gift in gratitude for the done hard work and for the implementation of the production plan!

In turn, the production team expressed sincere gratitude to the management for organizing such an excellent trip.

The weather was very pleased – the sun and warmth. They say that a good picnic is equivalent to a short vacation. And really, everyone was having fun, relaxing, listening to good music – the charge of general positive was so great that even random clouds could not resist the general fun.

The trip to the “Blue Lakes” was a success and once again showed that we are united not only by work, but also by the ability to have a good rest.

Let the charge of solar energy received by you inspire you to new achievements!