«Разом заради життя» – компанія «ФІТОФАРМ» виступила спонсором відкриття безкоштовного кабінету передабортного консультування

Behind an unremarkable door of the typical room No. 137 in the Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the Desnyansky District of Kiev, the real miracles are happening. Here they save the lives of unborn babies and save moms from a fatal mistake, provide comprehensive assistance to women in a crisis situation.

He has no gentle name. Usually it is a «problem», «burden», «unwanted pregnancy». A kid doomed by his parents or circumstances. As a rule, for him there is no one to intercede.

«The life of every person is invaluable», we are convinced in the company «FITOFARM», and therefore we sponsored the project «For Life», initiated by the public organization «All-Ukraine».

As part of this project, it is planned to open pre-abortion consulting rooms, preventive lectures, courses for high school students and many other introductions that will help increase fertility and strengthen marriages.

However, an unborn child is not the only affected party. According to psychologists, mothers who made the decision to have an abortion, subsequently spend many years, and sometimes their whole life on rehabilitation from a severe psychological state – post-abortion syndrome (PAS).

In pre-abortion consulting room, qualified psychologist will tell about all the consequences of an abortion, which are silenced or not taken into account. And most importantly, the specialist will try to convey to women that abortion is not the only solution and any situation can be considered in favor of saving the child’s life.

In the room will help not only in word but in deed. In addition to free psychological counseling, if necessary, expectant future mothers will be provided with legal, social and even material support.

The doors of this room are open to everyone, regardless of place of residence.

If necessary, just knock on this door. Or tell about it to those who are in front of a difficult choice.

The more women receive support from the project, the more young Ukrainians will be born, and their mothers will save health and experience the happiness of motherhood.


Kyiv, st. Zakrevskogo, 81/1, Family Planning Room №137.

Reception time of the psychologist Lilia Sibir: Wednesday from 9.30 to 11.30.

Preliminary registration by phone: +380 (68) 861 44 52.