With the outbreak of Covid -19 pandemic in Ukraine the shortage of antiseptic sprays, gels and solutions was experienced, that led to sharp rise in prices for them. The demand for the antiseptics grew twice within only one month of the lockdown. The manufacturers and pharma retailers have managed to overcome the shortfall of the antiseptics, however, the demand for them is still firm. In spite of loosening of the epidemiologic restrictions and transfer to adaptive lockdown, the antiseptics are still the products of high demand.
The spots with maximum risk of infection are still the pharmacies. The major hazard is connected with the traditionally small area of the places, where it is hard to keep social distancing and, surely, with almost permanent visiting of these locations by sick people. Covid – 19 by itself is the fact that has caused higher stream of the visitors searching for facemasks, the antiseptics and hoarding the medicine. The pharmacy staff, especially the pharmacist and the pharmacy technicians, who is on the first line of contact with the visitors, is subject to higher risk of infection and is in maximum need of the antiseptics.
In order to support the pharmacists and the pharmacy technicians, Ukrainian manufacturer PJSC “FITOFARM” has delivered over about 10 000 bottles of new antiseptic “DermaClean Fitofarm” to the pharmacies representatives. At present the employees of about 3 000 pharmacies have obtained the new product for personal usage.
“So to ensure domestic demand for qualitative antiseptics for hands disinfection, our enterprise as a national manufacturer, has took the decision about production release of antiseptics “DermaClean Fitofarm” and “DermaClean Fitofarm” with eucalyptus at a record pace – comments Vladyslav Malynin, the General Director of PJSC “FITOFARM”. – The content of these products meets the WHO recommendations on effective antiseptics for viruses, bacteria and microorganism elimination and it keeps the natural protective functions of the hands skin. At tough time for our country, being a sustainable company, we think that it is necessary to support the pharmacy employees, which are badly and foremost in need of the antiseptics.”

With reference to earlier information from the news agency “UKRINFORM”, the national pharmaceutical manufacturer PJSC «FITOFARM» had switched to the intensified mode of operation since the first days of pandemic by arranging the factory operation in two-shift mode. The enterprise has increased the production of antiseptic “Spirtol” almost by 7 times – from 60 thousand packs to 400 thousand packs per month. The employees of the company have been provided with the antiseptics and other protective means since the first days of the pandemic.

PJSC «FITOFARM» – national pharmaceutical manufacturer, one of the largest in Ukraine.

The enterprise enters the top 10 of pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine by volume of sales of the goods in “pharmacy basket” in volume terms in accordance with the data of analytical system of the market survey «PharmXplorer»/ “Pharmstandard” of “Proxima Research” company.

“FITOFARM” is honored with the prestigious national award “Industry Leadership Award -2019”
The company’s portfolio equals more than 80 names of drug products. The company exports to CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

PJSC “FITOFARM” has been recognized as one of the best employers of Ukraine in the ranking of business-analytical magazine “Power of money” 2020.

In line with its mission – “Caring for health and prosperity of people, make the world kind and merciful”, – “FITOFARM” is proactive in corporate sustainability, realizing plenty of projects within this field.