ПРАТ «ФІТОФАРМ» вивів на ринок нові антисептичні засоби «ДермаКлін Фітофарм» і «ДермаКлін Фітофарм» з евкаліптом

The world has been fighting with Covid -19 pandemic yet for several months. Ukraine, as well as other countries, does its best and possible so to avoid the spread of this dangerous disease. One among the most essential protection resource and preventive care in the circumstances of the increase of the infected by the coronavirus is antiseptics and disinfectants, the demand for them has multiply grown.  

 Taking into account the shortage of antiseptics as of today, what is the global country-wide issue, national company “FITOFARM” has started production release of the new products, namely DermaClean Fitofarm” and “DermaClean Fitofarm” with eucalyptus.

 The content of the mentioned products meets the USP recommendations on effective antiseptics for viruses, bacteria and microorganism elimination.

 Both abovementioned means not only clean the surface of the hands, but also keep the protective skin functions; they do not contain dye stuff and flavorants.

DermaClean Fitofarm” contains 65% of ethanol, treated water and additional ingredient – glycerol, which softens the skin of the hands.

“DermaClean Fitofarm” with eucalyptus contains also eucalyptus oil, which freshens and smooths the skin of the hands.

 For ease of use, the mentioned means are produced as spray in the plastic bottle with a dispenser (40 ml) and as solution in the plastic bottle with a nozzle of directed action (90 ml). Such product forms are economical and can be re-filled.

 Newly products are multirole antiseptics for hands and can be used daily.

“DermaClean Fitofarm” and “DermaClean Fitofarm” with eucalyptus will be available at the Ukrainian pharmacies since May 8, 2020.

Please be reminded, that in view of Covid-19 epidemic, the national pharmaceutical manufacturer PJSC «FITOFARM» switched to the intensified mode of operation and increased almost by 7 times the production of antiseptic “Spirtol” – from 60 thousand packs to 400 thousand packs per month.