В «Академії «ФІТОФАРМ» пролунав «перший дзвінок»

Companies striving for leadership opt for continuous training of the employees. Such innovative corporations as Sprint, General Electric and General Motors, IBM, McDonald’s, Motorola were among the first to establish their own corporate universities, recognizing the significance of staff development. And they were right to do so.

FITOFARM also encourages its employees’ aspirations to learn and grow by creating opportunities for them to develop. Learning and growing are our aims, and we established FITOFARM Academy to achieve them.

The main purpose of FITOFARM Academy is facilitating the staff’s personal and professional growth. It also has the most ambitious plans.

What will FITOFARM Academy do:

  1. Organize and hold development events.
  2. Pipeline talents.
  3. Develop a knowledge repository.

The waters were tested by the company’s executives, for whom the Academy has held its first class – an on-site HR Management training for managers of Production Department and Kyiv office. That was a complete success!

We hope that this first class held by FITOFARM Academy will give rise to the systematic and consistent growth of our employees.

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