ЗМІ про нас: ПРАТ «ФІТОФАРМ» збільшив виробництво антисептика з 60 тис. до 400 тис. упаковок на місяць

In connection with the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19, the need for antiseptic and disinfectants increased, so the national pharmaceutical manufacturer PJSC FITOFARM switched to a two-shift mode of operation.

PJSC «FITOFARM» daily produces 20 thousand antiseptic and disinfectant «Spirtol» with an ethanol content of 96%. This drug is used externally as an antiseptic to disinfect hands.

«As a Ukrainian pharmaceutical factory in a difficult situation for the country, we switched to an enhanced mode of operation, comments Natalya Derevianko, director of the production department. – If at the beginning of the year we produced 60 thousand packs of «Spirtol» per month, now we have increased production to 400 thousand, for which we had to organize the enterprise’s work mode in two shifts. Responding to the growing demand for antiseptic products specifically for hand disinfection, our company also decided on the industrial release of the new «Dermaklin» product, which is equipped with a dispenser for ease of use. The composition of this product includes ethanol and components that moisturize the skin of the hands.»

In addition, PJSC «FITOFARM» in the planned volumes continues to produce hydrogen peroxide 3%, which is also an antiseptic. The production of other alcohol-containing preparations, such as formic alcohol, alcohol chloramphenicol solution, etc.

This news was also published by the national news agency of Ukraine “UKRINFORM” at the link: https://www.ukrinform.ru/rubric-regions/2905520-v-bahmute-farmzavod-pocti-v-sem-raz-uvelicil-proizvodstvo-antiseptika.html