Eroton® won the “Favorites of Success-2017” award

The trade mark Eroton® of the company “FITOFARM” has been recognized as the absolute favorite of 2017 in the category “The drug for improving reproductive function and treating erectile dysfunction.”

Due to tradition in late spring, the organizers of the all-Ukrainian “Favorites of Success” contest sum up the results of the past year and award winners of the open rating. Leaders are determined on the basis of preferences of consumers, celebrities and public people, as well as recommendations of industry experts. According to the results of voting, the trade mark Eroton® received the highest rating, having outstripped 10 contenders for the victory in its product category!

Eroton® won the prestigious “Favorites of Success” contest for the second year in a row.

The bright and enchanting ceremony of awarding the best brands, recognized number 1 in their fields of activity under the version of the “Favorites of Success” contest was held in Kiev, May 29, 2018. The gold medal took the place of honor in the collection of awards of the company “FITOFARM”.

Based on the materials of the site “Favorites of Success”


New beds for small patients

Small patients of the center of toxicology “Ohmatdet” received new beds from the company “FITOFARM”.

— “It’s good that you came without sweets,” smiled Maria, the head of the children’s toxicology department at the all-Ukrainian hospital Okhmatdet.

— Why? – At the same time, we were surprised and upset, remembering that they were completely absorbed in thoughts about the main purpose of the visit, did not really take with them the guests for the children.

— “When children overeat with forbidden sweets, their tests deteriorate, and it’s not so easy to select rare delicacies from kids,” she explained.

Thus began our first “reconnaissance” visit to the Ukrainian toxicology center, which we visited at the invitation of the mother of one of the little patients. And this parish was very timely.

Place of registration – hospital room.

While someone dreams of a new iPhone model, those in the hemodialysis department dream about life and most of all want to return home. In these boys and girls, the kidneys do not cope with their function. Some of them are waiting for a queue for a transplant, while others are forever chained to the hemodialysis apparatus.

Pale and thin kids look like shadows. “Tanya is 5 years old. Of these, she lives here for 3 years and almost does not get up from her bed. She needs a kidney transplant. And this is Nastia, her 6. She is in the department for 4 years. Her parents live in another city, so the girl is not visited and does not bring the transfer, “- tells us Angela, the mother of one of the small patients of the clinic. It was she who turned to us for help, because she knows first hand what difficulties the children who are lying here face.

At the same time, relatives can not always be there to help them. Under the law, parents are allowed to stay with the child only up to 7 years. In addition, there are children from large families, low-income families and orphans.

For all of them, the source of life is the hemodialysis apparatus, it is also an “artificial kidney”. Because of the complexity of the extrarenal cleansing of the body, children are forced to live permanently in the clinic, because even postponement of the procedure can result in death. And this means that the walls of the department are not just a hospital. For many children from different cities of Ukraine, the toxicology ward’s chambers are home to 18 years.

Hospital staff and a few parents, as they can, try to decorate the life of the children and bring the hospital environment closer to home. Our company also contributed to the creation of better conditions for the life of seriously ill children.

23 beds were very handy.

One of the many problems of the department is the crumbs that have become unusable. The old furniture was literally “on an honest word” and threatened to collapse completely at any time. “We cover the holes with blankets, so that it would not be embarrassing,” explains Angela.

The matter was complicated by the fact that all the belongings of children, clothes, books and other personal belongings are stored under the mattresses. Places for cabinets in small rooms are not enough. And to lift heavy mattresses exhausted after exhausting dialysis to preschool children is not under force, therefore in branch dreamed about beds with elevating mechanisms.

The company “FITOFARM” could not stay away from the problems of seriously ill patients and was involved in the development and purchase of new beds. Immediately after visiting the center of toxicology work began: drawings, negotiations, the choice of materials and manufacturers, heated arguments and again drawings, negotiations, production and assembly …

Finally, we did it! 23 completely new beds with lifting mechanisms have already taken their places in the chambers of “Ohmatdet”, delivering a lot of joy to the guys.

The happy children, parents and staff of the department expressed great gratitude to the company “FITOFARM” for comfortable cots with which their life became simpler and more pleasant. And we, in turn, are very glad that we were able to unite again to solve one of the acute problems of those who need help and make the life of the little sufferers a little bit better, kinder and more comfortable! But on this our mission does not end, there are still many projects ahead with which we make the world more kind and merciful.


The final bell in Bahmutskaya boarding school №1

One of the directions in the social work of PJSC “Fitofarm” is the provision of sponsorship to the Bakhmut comprehensive boarding school of the I-II stages No.1.

Сooperation between the school and the factory started about 10 years ago and continues today. The company “Fitofarm” assisted in the repair of premises, allocated funds for the acquisition of school furniture, developing and entertainment games, sports equipment and various equipment needed in the training process, a summer school camp was organized. Patronized pupils always received and receive sweet gifts for school and state holidays. In addition, PJSC “Fitofarm” became an active participant in the annual contest “The Pupil of the Year”, encouraging the students who have distinguished themselves in their studies and active life with individual gifts.

The next final bell of 2017 at the boarding school was traditionally held under the patronage of PJSC “Fitofarm”. The pupils received juices, and the 9th grade graduates were given a wristwatch.