The Internet Marketing Department of the PJSC “FITOPHARM” received the status of Google Partners

The Internet Marketing Department (Digital Department) of PJSC “FITOPHARM” has once again demonstrated that it keep ups with the times. Thanks to hard work, research and implementation of new modern business strategies, the Department received the status of Google Partners.

The status of Google Partner means that the Internet Marketing Department team has proven their expertness in dealing with Google Ads at the highest level.

Only leading specialists, leaders, marketing and advertising professionals in Google receive this status in the world. The Google Partner badge is a mark of quality and true craftsmanship, unconditional recognition.

It was more difficult to obtain the Google Partners status in 2021 than in previous years, more efforts had to be made, to demonstrate, both in theory and in practice, a truly high level of knowledge of Google advertising tools, customization and effective holding of advertising campaigns.

“Obtaining the status of Google Partners gives us new opportunities, namely, functionality that is available only to the world’s leading digital agencies”, Kirill Stoyanovskiy, Head of the Internet Marketing Department of PJSC “FITOPHARM”, said.

Partner status guarantees the highest level of online marketing services. This is a competitive advantage and an indicator of quality. In addition, the partners receive extended support, and the opportunity to attend individual trainings, that is a unique opportunity to maintain a high level of knowledge of the Internet Marketing Department employees.

Also, the partner status is a significant advantage for doing business:

  • growth in the number of customers of the company;

  • increasing the customer loyalty ratio;

  • growth of the company’s income.

The Digital Department of the PJSC “FITOPHARM” is constantly developing and working to improve its efficiency. Obtaining the status of a Google partner is another proof of this.