Оновлена школа — кращий подарунок

Do you know how the knowledge smells? You cannot confuse this smell with anything. At the beginning of the school year, the school greets students with the scents of freshly baked cakes from the dining room, the smell of new textbooks from the library, notebooks and chalk, and, of course, the indispensable smell of freshly painted walls and fresh repairs that combine smell of knowledge. Our company knows how pleasant it is for children to learn in the modernized facility, and here is what we have done for this…

In order to help our sponsored Bakhmut secondary school No. 3 to prepare as best as possible for the start of the school year, FITOFARM technical staff helped with the repair of the premises. And thanks to funds allocated by the company, the roof over the assembly hall was repaired. Now the school has changed. The interior of the building has changed, it was decorated with colorful finishes, and the dilapidated roof has been replaced by a new one.

Step by step, FITOFARM purchased school furniture, computers, a media projector, sport equipment, board games, and more school equipment for monthly help. And now the preparatory stage is behind, and its result has met expectations. Bakhmut school number 3 is fully prepared for the educational process.

And of course, traditionally, we came to personal congratulation of the children on the beginning of the school year and presented them sweet gifts. Representatives of the company were active participants in FITOFARM charity projects in hometown, where production facilities are located – Andriy Vasylovych Bondarchuk, acting chief technologist, and Galyna Mykolayivna Khemiy, freight elevator.

Our sponsored school has become more modern, comfortable and safe. There is everything you need to get knowledge, develop yourself and play sports. Let the new environment motivate children to study well. Glorify the school with your grades, projects and achievements!