Якість підтверджено! Компанія «ФІТОФАРМ» успішно пройшла міжнародний ресертифікаційний аудит ISO 9001:2015

FITOFARM’s professional team has been continuously improving the company’s quality management system for 47 years.

Our company is operating under the requirements of ISO 9001 International Quality Standard since 2012. Every three years it undergoes an external audit examination complemented by an annual compliance audit.

In 2021, we have again successfully passed the external re-certification audit conducted by SGS Ukraine, an independent expert company, confirming compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in the area of development, manufacture and sale of medicinal prodcuts.

“The certification is voluntary, though our company has long ago decided it is necessary for us, as ISO is one of the world’s most recognized standards”, says FITOFARM CEO Vladislav Malinin. “Obtaining it is not easy. A company has to prove its qualification to an expert panel, undergo numerous inspections, put great effort into improving its management system; these are tasks that few companies are able to pull off. We have accepted the challenge, and FITOFARM has passed all the tests decently.”

During the inspection, the audit company SGS Ukraine has pointed out a number of positive aspects of our company’s operation in 2020-2021.


  • packed 35 mln product units in 2020
  • ranked 1st in the competitive market of conventional medicinal products as of the first trimester of 2021 (by UAH amount)
  • developed new products, e.g., Sedafiton Drops
  • upgraded its water-treatment systems, thus improving the electrical conductivity and pH indicators, as well as achieving a 20% increase in power
  • improved infrastructure, e.g., carried out a major overhaul of exterior structural units and an upgrade of ventilation system
  • purchased new manufacturing equipment, including the new 4m3 container for the preparation of hydrogen peroxide, new vial capping unit, and extraction reactor
  • been continuously implementing measures for reducing power consumption
  • purchased new laboratory equipment, including a chromatographer, spectrophotometer, and a constant climate chamber
  • highly competent staff working at all levels of the company
  • been regularly conducting thorough QMS analysis performed by the company’s executives.

Thus, we have again proved the consistent quality and competitivity of our products, up-to-date level of management systems and manufacturing engineering expertise, as well as high professionalism of our employees.