Йдемо проти течії: «ФІТОФАРМ» зростає швидше за ринок

Going against the tide: “FITOFARM” grows faster than the market
Strengthening the “FITOFARM” team brings first results. The company’s sales figures are ahead of the pace of development of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine.
This year the presence of “FITOFARM” in the Ukrainian market has significantly increased. According to the analytical system of market research “PharmXplorer” / “Pharmstandard” by “Proxima Research”, the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for 9 months. 2020 showed growth in monetary terms at the level of 6% compared to the same period in 2019 *. At the same time, the increase in sales of the “FITOFARM” company for the same period has doubled this indicator and is 12%.
Prerequisites for growth: innovation, internal processes and a strengthened team
Since September last year, the company has undergone a significant increase in expertise and organizational changes, the purpose of which is to increase internal efficiency and optimize the management system by strengthening the management team.
As previously reported, the head of  “FITOFARM” is Vladislav Malinin, General Director.
With his arrival, the organizational structure of the company was rebuilt, the marketing organization was strengthened, the functionality of the commercial department was significantly expanded. As a result of the changes, Vladimir Kvashuk (Sandoz Ukraine) took the post of commercial director.
To ensure sustainable development and effective management of the product portfolio, a Directorate for Innovation and Strategic Marketing was created, headed by Maryana Martynchuk (Sopharma Ukraine).
“The reorganization of the two basic departments is designed to implement the most effective marketing strategies and activate the implementation of innovative solutions,” commented Vladislav Malinin, “FITOFARM” , on the strategic changes.
The composition of the operational marketing team has significantly increased with the best specialists who have successful experience in project management in the pharmaceutical business, both in Ukrainian and leading international companies.
The active actions of the updated team strengthened the position of “FITOFARM” in 2020. Already in August 2020, “FITOFARM”  took 38th place in the ranking of marketing organizations in Ukraine in terms of pharmacy sales of medicines in monetary terms. The manufacturer has significantly strengthened its position and moved up 5 steps compared to the same period last year.
“The received sales figures for 9 months. this year, we have confirmed that our strategic initiatives, improvement of internal operational processes and clear implementation of the outlined plans are bringing results.
Internal changes that the team implemented ensured that the sales target was overfulfilled in terms of both revenue and margin. This strengthened the company’s position in the market and created prospects for further successful growth, ”V. Malinin is sure.
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* Used preliminary data for September 2020, analyzed the category of drugs.