«Й онукам передати …»

Victory Day … What do these familiar two words hide? Too much… For those who have gone through the crucible of war, these are heart-rending memories, tears, smells, hunger, dandelions on the sides of broken roads, front-line songs and a special feeling of joy mixed with the bitterness of loss.

And for many employees of the FITOFARM company, this day is filled with gratitude to the veterans and those who gave his life for the Victory, to their great feat. Memory, respect and attention – this is the least that we can give heroes, the number of which are getting smaller.

In 2019, we not only supported the annual tradition of memory in the company, but also supplemented it by visiting combatants of the Second World War fighting in the city of Kiev.


“Everything was burning and rumbling around. We fled to the attack, stepping on the bodies of dead comrades…”

“At the age of 12 I went to the partisans. In a hurry, the whole village was driven into 4 sheds and set on fire…”

“To dream, of course, dreamed. Everyone had their own dreams. I dreamed of bread… “

“It was hard, very hard. Cried. It was scary. I wanted to live very much. Not everyone could overcome the feeling of fear… “.

“I survived the Siege of Leningrad. And my family is not. No one left… “

“When we entered the bombed-out city, chaos reigned there – people sat on the ground or wandered among the ruins in search of a piece of bread. There are no whole houses left … ”

“In the concentration camp they did not feed at all, there was no clean water. Ate snow. Nobody survived on hard work for more than a month… ”.

“I got out of the burning tank through the hatch in the bottom. It is very scary when a padded jacket is burning on you and burning gasoline is pouring from above. And it is impossible to crawl out from under the tank – the Nazis will shoot… ”.

That is how the very young girls and boys remembered the War, in whose fate World War II broke out. They were then only 15-18 years old.

They shared their memories with the «FITOFARM» employees who came to visit them with gifts. The combatants of the War talked about their military path, about the terrible ordeals that fell to the people during the War years.

The “FITOFARM” employees thanked the veterans for their feat, because with incredible efforts they restored the destroyed land, because we, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, live in a free country and wished them good health and longevity.

The veterans were very pleased to see us, many had tears in their eyes. In turn, they thanked the company “FITOFARM” for the attention and care.

We congratulate the veterans (Kiev): 

And of course, we traditionally visited veterans in hometown of our production.

We congratulate the veterans (Bakhmut):


Victory Day on May 9 is a day of tribulation, scarlet flowers, the memory of soldiers who died for their homeland … Guys, sleep well … You will rest in peace … We remember you.

Also on May 9, this year, Sales force team of “FITOFARM” company commemorated at the Monuments of glory in different cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Zaporozhye, Dniepr and Mariupol.

Victory Day binds generation for 74 years to the memory of hard time. Many employees of the company came with their children to honor the fallen soldiers, and therefore there is no doubt that the memory of the human feat will also be carefully kept in the hearts of young Ukrainians.