Доброго шляху, випускники!

From the very morning of May 31st, the streets of cities and towns change when elegant dressed boys and girls appear. On this day, students can be recognized from afar. Almost everyone has bouquets of lilacs, peonies or irises in their hands. The sounds of waltzes flow from the schoolyards and the sound of a bell can be heard. But some of the students are especially serious. They are dressed with silk ribbons as a sign that they came to their school for the last time.

Another school year is behind. The same fervent and slightly sad last bell was also heard in our sponsored school No. 3 of the city of Bakhmut (formerly boarding school No. 1).
“I still remember today’s graduates with funny first-graders with bows and naughty whirlwinds, many of them grew up before our eyes,” shares his impressions, Andrei Bondarchuk, Acting Chief Technologist and an active participant in the charitable projects of the FITOFARM in our hometown. – Today they go to an independent life. Let them be lucky! ”



The company “FITOFARM” took patronage over this educational institution more than 15 years ago, regularly helping the school from month to month, from year to year. With the purchase of sports equipment, educational games, computers, a projector and, of course, sweet gifts for children’s holidays and other good deeds, we help to make a difficult life for pupils better, simpler, more joyful.

On the day of the last call, the employees of FITOFARM presented the graduates with wrist watches that will be useful in their future independent life, and all schoolchildren received sweets.

In addition, this year FITOFARM allocated funds for the stay of 30 students of the school in the summer school camp.

In turn, the students delighted all the participants of the festival with wonderful creative performances and presented our company with a cheerful amulet made hand. For us, this is a truly expensive gift, because warm feelings and a piece of children’s soul are embedded in its creation.

Joy and sadness, smiles through tears, bright flowers, satin bows and ribbons … The celebration was official and touching at the same time.

The graduates will have a new stage in their life and namely final exams, which will allow them to fulfill the dream to study at the chosen higher education institution and continue their life path.

Light endeavors to you, successful accomplishments, a peaceful sky and a bright future!