«За волю до перемоги»: компанія «ФІТОФАРМ» підтримала дитячо-юнацьку спортивну школу для інвалідів «Шанс»

«Catch a wave» of good deeds! In June 2019, our company attended a training session on swimming of Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance». At the request of our partners and friends from the charity foundation «Your Future», we bought and brought gifts for the most numerous branch of the school — swimming training equipment: flippers and goggles.

It is difficult to imagine that among children and teenagers, whom relatives bring to training often in wheelchairs, there are owners of proud champion titles.

All these medals were won by small athletes of Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance», who without any discounts on their health, compete with rivals in competitions. Each victory at the Paralympic Games is a page of a person’s personal courage.

Yes, it is oh so hard! To challenge fate, we need strength of spirit, endurance, iron will. Sometimes even an adult and a physically healthy person does not have enough determination to go in for sports. Now imagine how much persistence is necessary for children with disabilities, because even ordinary life is hard and full of obstacles for them.

In Kiev, there are now more than 50,000 children with disabilities, but only 1,500 of them have the opportunity to engage in sports facilities.

Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance» was opened in September 2015. During this period, pupils of the school repeatedly became winners and prize-winners of the Paralympic and Deflympic games, championships and World Cups, Europe and Ukraine.

Currently, in Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance» works 6 sports departments (Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, cross-country skiing and biathlon, athletics, powerlifting, swimming, orienteering), in which 150 pupils with disabilities, with defects of hearing, vision and intelligence, lesions of the musculoskeletal system are engaged.

Of course, not all disabled athletes become champions. But for many of them, it is not victory that is important, but sport itself, which is an effective means of maintaining health. When people with disabilities start exercising, they get out of depression, strengthen their faith in life and find a new social circle, make friends.

We are very glad that we were able to help such a special school, met wonderful guys and their caring coaches, saw children’s smiles and returned with a sense of pride in small and so strong-minded athletes.

The company «FITOFARM» wishes for large and small pupils of the Children’s and Youth Sports School «Chance» good health and new brilliant victories!