«ФІТОФАРМ» отримав нагороду за соціальні проекти

Good deeds … Already these words fill the heart with warmth and bring a smile. Social projects have long become an ordinary part of our company life. For 45 years of work “FITOFARM” we have developed good traditions to do good for others. We help shelters, schools, orphanages and boarding schools, veterans and people with disabilities, as well as everyone who needs participation.

FITOFARM not only implements its own social projects, but also supports the good deeds of other organizations. And of course, as a real city-forming enterprise, we give the good to our native city of production, Bakhmut. Last year was no exception.

When summing up the social projects that were implemented in 2018, the Bakhmut City Council presented the company FITOFARM with an award for active citizenship, active participation in the social projects of the city, and social policy.

The Chairman of the City Council noted with great gratitude the merits of our company and its significant role in the life of the city.

The memorial sign “Thank you”, which we brought from the solemn event, has already taken pride of place among the company’s awards. This dear prize for us will inspire us to new good deeds and social projects!