У літа «на гачку»: команда виробничого департаменту відпочила на Блакитних озерах

There is no need in flying to California to visit Malibu. Resort area of Lyman district in Donetsk region offers a great chance to spend quality time on golden sand lapped by azure water. Here, unique artificial lakes and a beach bearing the catchy name beckon tourists with an entrance banner reading “Malibu, a Happy Beach!”

This picturesque place hosted the members of our Production Department team who came to have a break from hard everyday work and bath in the water and sun together with their families. In its turn, FITOFARM supported the staff by transferring them to and from the site.

The Production Department team was lucky enough to have everything needed for a perfect picnic: clear skies, limpid water, bright crystal air, cozy beach, and plenty of joy! Even the weather was surprisingly sumptuous, with hearty company, happy kids, vivid impressions, and beautiful nature to match.

The time has flitted away swiftly, spent amicably and cheerfully. The employees, refreshed and happy, thanked the company’s management for great holidays.

The journey to the Blue Lake is yet another of our annual summer traditions. This year’s event turned out brilliant, just like the previous one. The corporate recreational trip made us once again feel like one big family named FITOFARM.

So let the memories of the sun’s warmth inspire the Production Department team’s new achievements in 2021!

Фитофарм на Голубых Озерах