«ФармаПогляд-2021» з «ФІТОФАРМ»: від учасників до експертів

Has the world economy passed the lowest point of the coronavirus-caused decline yet? What does the future hold for the pharmaceutical market? What challenges are waiting ahead for the manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacy chains? These, as well as many other issues, were discussed by the participants of the PharmaView-2021 international forum.

Each sphere has its own landmark events. For the pharmaceutical market, such event is PharmaView, annual analytical forum that has been bringing together the sector’s leaders for 16 years to date. This year’s broadcast gathered more than 600 participants from different parts of the world.

Аналітичний форум Фармапогляд

At PharmaView-2021 international analytical forum, our company was represented by Vladyslav Malynin (General Director), Volodymyr Kvashuk (Commercial Director), and Mariana Martynchuk (Head of Innovation and Strategic marketing).

The name of this year’s forum was “The Storm Persists”, showing that the “storming” factors are expected to retain their impact on the pharmaceutical market in 2021. COVID-19 pandemic dynamics, changes in the demand pattern and consumer behaviour, economic situation, regulatory changes are just a few of those factors. However, with the course chosen right, this new year offers a multitude of opportunities in the spheres of innovation, e-Health, digitalization, as well as other adaptive tools and strategies for marketing in the pandemic.

Our company has already developed its own expertise in the promising areas mentioned above, and we are planning to keep on actively developing it in the future.

Under the harsh pandemic conditions of 2020, FITOFARM PRJSC showed heady growth rates, higher than the market average, so we are confident to share our experience with other participants in the forum.

Участники форума фармпогляд 2021

During the discussion of the ways to market medicines in the new realities, market experts have praised the Extraterm brand advertising campaign, cited as an example of marketing efficiency.

Proper direct-to-customer communication and ingenuity of the TV commercial, first aired in September 2020, led to doubling of the demand for the medicine during the Autumn 2020 – Winter 2021 season.

In January 2021, Extraderm tablets made it to the TOP-5 list of brands of packaged solid form over- the-counter cough medicines (according to the retail sales data provided by Proxima Research).

Vladyslav Malynin has told the audience about the experience of cooperation with Mednex company, as well as with other operators selling medicinal products remotely. Also discussed with other participants in the forum were innovations in pharmaceutical logistics and legislative initiatives regulating the online trade of pharmaceutical products.

The news was published by a specialized publication for doctors, pharmacists and pharmacists “Weekly Pharmacy” at the link

фармакологиный форум 2021 в Украине