В гостях у… равликів

Fascinating, fun and very tasty! This is how the cognitive tour in the gastro tour on the snail farm NikSnailFarm took place, which the “FITOPHARM” team visited.

Here guests of the snail farm can see, touch and taste the snail. During the tour, our team learned all about the small inhabitants of the farm, heard about the trends of the world gastronomic direction and saw the production cycle of snail breeding with their own eyes. And of course, many did not refrain from touching and placing a small miracle with funny horns on their palms.

Ферма улиток

This unusual farm is located near Kiev in the village Letki, Brovary district. It is here, in the environmentally friendly conditions of the Zalesie National Nature Park, that Helix Aspersa Muller snails are grown.

NikSnailFarm fully complies with HACCP requirements and is included in the list of companies entitled to export their products to EU countries.

And of course, everyone was interested in the question, what snails taste like? To complete the idea of these mollusks, at the end of our trip, all participants were treated to snail tasting in Burgundy sauce and other treats.

But the real passions flared up during the snail races (edible snails, as it turned out, are good at “running”;). And the winners received prizes.

After this tour, many of us appreciated the merits and benefits of the delicacy, which is highly valued in many countries and just had fun. It was interesting, positive and incredibly tasty! And now we know for sure – those who do not like snails, just do not know how to cook them ☺

экскурсия на ферму улиток