Зібрані речі поїхали дарувати тепло

If every day we share even a small bit of heat with those we meet on our way, the winter will become much warmer. For all.

Charity is such a magical thing, which by its strength can even break the laws of physics. Do not believe? Yes, yes, we all know that if it arrives somewhere, then there will be a loss elsewhere, right? But you just have to give your extra things to the needy, as in your closets more space is added, and in life – goodness, warmth and meaning.

This is exactly what the FITOFARM employees did, who shared their things with the most vulnerable part of the society – people with disabilities.

On the eve of the International Day of Disabled Persons, the Kiev office employees took part in the “Bank of Clothes” collection project from the Red Cross Society in Ukraine.

For more than two weeks at the Big and Small offices of the FITOFARM company, employees brought and piled up cardboard boxes with the words “Share good”, namely:

We collected, collected, and things turned out … a lot:).

In the Red Cross Society we were greeted warmly in all respects. By the way, in the buildings of this organization in the winter period there are heating stations for homeless or just frozen people.

After sorting things started a real ANSHLAG!

“Bank of clothes” earned on URRa!!!

For several days, people with disabilities or their relatives came (and continue to come) to get the clothes, shoes, food, household chemicals they need … But in fact, these people got more than just things. They received a piece of heat from those who are not indifferent to the grief of others, so the winter promises to be warm … in all respects;)

We are very pleased that together we were able to give someone a little joy. It’s nice when colleagues join in and help them do good deeds, benefit others and see positive results.

After all, WE ALL make the world kinder and merciful.

Together easier.

And together WE are power!