Останній дзвінок в Бахмутській загальноосвітній школі-інтернаті №1

One of the directions in the social work of PJSC “Fitofarm” is the provision of sponsorship to the Bakhmut comprehensive boarding school of the I-II stages No.1.

Сooperation between the school and the factory started about 10 years ago and continues today. The company “Fitofarm” assisted in the repair of premises, allocated funds for the acquisition of school furniture, developing and entertainment games, sports equipment and various equipment needed in the training process, a summer school camp was organized. Patronized pupils always received and receive sweet gifts for school and state holidays. In addition, PJSC “Fitofarm” became an active participant in the annual contest “The Pupil of the Year”, encouraging the students who have distinguished themselves in their studies and active life with individual gifts.

The next final bell of 2017 at the boarding school was traditionally held under the patronage of PJSC “Fitofarm”. The pupils received juices, and the 9th grade graduates were given a wristwatch.