Допомога Київському «Центру соціальної допомоги та реабілітації»

The company “FITOFARM” continued the good tradition of charitable programs in October. This time we provided charitable assistance to the Kyiv “Center for Social Assistance and Rehabilitation”. The center accepted people who had to leave their homes for saving their lives from fighting in the East of Ukraine. The rehabilitation center accepted 86 persons (mostly unprotected segments of the population: pregnant women, single mothers, children from six months old, people with disabilities). People live here until they can independently arrange their lives. The guardian of the center is a priest. Also the center has a separate room and a bathroom for each family. These rooms are not large but cozy. Kitchens are common for all families. The center has a games room and a gym too. The company “FITOFARM” donated the equipment necessary for the residents of the rehabilitation center: a washing machine, printer, microwave, 3 electric kettles. And the employees of our company collected 7 large bags with clothes and dishes. The management and residents of the rehabilitation center were very pleased with our visit. They showed great thanks to the company and the employees of “FITOFARM” for their care and assistance. The company will continue own charity for destitute in the future.