Компанія «ФІТОФАРМ» взяла участь в засіданні Громадської ради при Держлікслужбі

The last meeting of the Public Council under the State Service of Ukraine for Medicines and Drug Control (State Medicines Service) was held in the format of a video conference in the Zoom program.


The meeting was attended not only by members of the Public Council and representatives of the State Medicines Service, but also invited guests – market experts, including the national pharmaceutical company FITOFARM.


A heated discussion was caused by such issues as the draft Licensing conditions for the implementation of economic activities for the production of medicines, wholesale and retail trade in medicines, the import of medicines (except for active pharmaceutical ingredients) for electronic retail sales of medicines and the draft resolution “On approval of the Procedure for state regulated prices for goods of business entities that violate the requirements of the legislation on the protection of economic competition.


” Details of the meeting are published in “Weekly Pharmacy” at the link