ЗМІ про нас: Компанія «ФІТОФАРМ» увійшла в ТОП-25 кращих роботодавців України

PJSC “FITOFARM” has been recognized as one of the best employers of Ukraine in the ranking of business-analytical magazine “Power of money” alongside with the leading national and international companies of different business scopes.

Early March 2020 the magazine “Power of money” introduced the ranking of the companies with the best working conditions for the employees. The top 25 of the best employers of Ukraine includes representatives of the wide industrial spectrum, both –  the companies with Ukrainian owners and “daughters” of  international companies. Besides “FITOFARM” company, there are the following companies in the ranking: PepsiCo Ukraine, Danone, Nova Poshta, Cocа-Cola Beverages Ukraine, OLX, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, McDonald’s in Ukraine, Kernel, Credit Agricole Bank, “ATB”, “Mironivsky Hliboproduct” and the rest large employers.

When choosing the players for its traditional TOP-list, the business magazine “Power of money” had considered the range of criteria, which characterized quality of the job opportunities and their reliability. The focus was also on the effectiveness of measures had been taken in connection with Covid-19 pandemic, feasibility for professional and career growth of the employees in frames of new circumstances. The organizers were concentrated on the achieved positive results while preparing the rating.

FITOFARM company offers to its employees:
  • legal employment;
  • social guarantees under Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • medical insurance;
  • professional growth;
  • incentive programmes, motivations and care;
  • involvement into the innovative projects.

“FITOFARM” is attentive to the needs of each person, so the company does even more than Labor Code prescribes. We offer feasibility of individual working schedule, training covered by the company, career progression, additional vacations, financial assistance, support for our retired employees, payment of fares for residents of the other cities, New Year gifts for the kids. We also provide professional courses, award the best employees, establish and develop culture of innovations, create warm corporate atmosphere and many other things.

 The employees are provided with the supplementary tools for their work depending on the position at the company: corporate mobile service, company vehicles.

 The company has an active position concerning the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of business: it supports many charity projects and social initiatives by involving its employees into them.

Participation in CSR together with the company makes the employees engaged in important social problems solution and helps to develop the values of FITOFARM.

For city of Bakhmut, where our production facilities are situated, “FITOFARM” is the backbone enterprise for many years and is the reliable partner in all social startups by contribution to the local budget and development of the region.


“Everything we do is for people and thanks to people”, says the General Director of “FITOFARM” company, Vladislav Malinin. “That is why our presence in the ranking is the result of the systematic strategy.  

Now, facing Covid-19 pandemic, we guarantee our employees confidence that they can rely on the company. We arrange the preventive measures of protection and retain the job opportunities.

“FITOFARM” invests in the professional success of its employees as it helps to improve their skills, which they contribute to common success of the company. We have a lot of new projects and ambitious plans ahead.”


*Ranking of the best employees of Ukraine is in alphabetical order in the magazine.