Чумацьким шляхом добра

According to legend, when the Chumaks went for salt, they were guided by the night sky, on which the Milky Way was lined with myriads of stars, which served as a reference point for them. For this, in Ukraine, he received his special name – Chumatsky Way. On the way of salt and fish traders lay the village of Sinyovka, Sumy region, and visiting Chumaks admired the beauty of this picturesque land. To this day, this place is considered one of the best for relaxation and quiet old age. It is here, in the very center of the village, that the communal institution of the Sumy Regional Council is located Sinyovskiy boarding house for the disabled and elderly people.

Today there are 90 wards in the orphanage. The average age of those living here is 55-70 years old, but there are also younger ones.

This includes lonely people who cannot serve themselves, people with disabilities and bedridden patients. They try to create decent living conditions for all wards and provide the necessary medical care. But that’s not all.

In fact, the task of the staff is much more difficult – not to leave people alone with their loneliness, illness, disability, and sometimes to help cope with the loss of family and their own home.

The employees of the boarding house constantly take care of improving the living conditions of the wards, but from time to time they encounter problems for the solution of which they do not have enough own resources. One of these problems was the leaky furniture from time to time. The company “FITOFARM” responded to the request of the institution and helped to purchase new chairs that will help make the life of the residents of the orphanage more comfortable and homely.

An employee of our company from Sumy introduced us to the Sinyovsk boarding school within the framework of the Christmas Meetings project. The aim of this initiative was to find establishments in different cities of Ukraine in need of support, which we did with the help of our employees. Many establishments have already received assistance, as we reported earlier in the company’s news.

As a socially responsible company, PRAT “FITOFARM” systematically provides charitable support to non-profit institutions of various profiles, which we continue from year to year with joy and awareness of a good deed.

We are glad that we were able to light another star in the vast sky of goodness.

We invite other business representatives and all caring people to help those in need, because in certain areas of assistance there is never too much help.

Join us!