“Pharmbudget” is a large-scale annual event of the pharmaceutical market that brings together heads of production facilities, distributors and pharmacy networks. The event is an important platform for the exchange of relevant business information, which will help to adjust the implementation of the current year’s budgets and budgets planning for the next year, taking into account promising trends and market development experience. PJSC “FITOPHARM” was represented at the conference by commercial director Vladimir Kvashuk and CEO Vladislav Malinin. 

The participants discussed financial and regulatory changes in the after-Covid pharmaceutical market, personnel issues, as well as trends in in drug promotion. 

Discussing trends in drug promotion channels, Vladimir Kvashuk noted the importance of the role of a medical representative as a guide to the digital world of the company. Indeed, today it is important for a doctor to receive more personalized information at a convenient time for this. The speaker noted that it will no longer be the way it was. Now companies need to check the economic business model for consistency (a medical representative is still quite an expensive tool), as well as to revise strategic plans. In addition, pharmaceutical companies need to build the foundations for drug promotion. 

As part of the final block, issues of the efficiency of digital tools and advertising on television for Pharma were discussed, and during the discussion, key points were voiced for developing plans for the future. In particular, we paid attention to the prospects for the development of our own private labels (CTM). 

During the expert discussion, Vladislav Malinin noted that there is no need to be afraid of such a phenomenon as private label in the pharmaceutical business. For example, at “FITOPHARM”, about half of the portfolio consists of non-branded products that are suitable for private label. 

Among the advantages of private labels for manufacturers, the speaker highlighted the fact that it is possible to negotiate with networks on an effective price, provided that clear obligations on the volume of purchases are used. “PJSC “FITOPHARM”, as the industry leader in the sale of non-branded drugs (according to the PharmXplorer/“Pharmstandard“ market research system of Proxima Research), can offer pharmacy networks the best commercial conditions for private labels on the market,“ said V. Malinin. 

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According to the press service of the “Weekly PHARMACY”, photo by Sergey Beck