Центр соціального захисту дітей «Наші діти» отримав оснащення для сенсорної кімнати Монтессорі від ПРАТ «ФІТОФАРМ» і БФ «Твоє майбутнє»

All parents dream that their baby has grown into an independent and self-confident human. But educators of the Center for social protection of children “Our Children” strive for this even more, as their pupils have a much harder time in life. Most of them are out of parental care or found themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Only prolong and fastidious work of specialists help them to heal their traumas of the past, maintain faith in people’s kindness and prepare for a fully-fledged independent life. Getting into the institution pupils from 2 to 7 years old, receive medical, psychological, pedagogical, and other types of assistance.

Over 13 years of the Center’s existence it became a home for 147 children, 131 of which were adopted, taken into custody, or returned to their native families.

Here they are delighted and very excited when a child is transferred to foster parents or returned to parents of origin. The Center’s employees are eager most of all that the child leaving the wall of this institution is fully adapted to the real conditions of life.

We were very pleased to join this act of kindness. For the youngest educates of the Center for Social Protection of Children PrJSC FITOFARM jointly with our friends and partners of Charitable Foundation Your Future equipped Montessori sensory room for the natural development of a child. In addition to the present from the company’s employee, we brought children healthy and tasty fruits for them to stock up natural summer vitamins.

The pupils were grateful for the gifts which in a playful form will strengthen their confidence in their own strength and help them overcome difficulties.

And we were sincerely pleased with every child’s smile. After all, as you know, “just one smile can make everyone feel warm” (Soviet child’s song). And we believe that our effort will bring positive changes in life of both children and adults taking care of them.

Центр социальной защиты детей