«Together for Life» – the company «FITOFARM» sponsored the opening of a free pre-abortion consulting room

Behind an unremarkable door of the typical room No. 137 in the Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the Desnyansky District of Kiev, the real miracles are happening. Here they save the lives of unborn babies and save moms from a fatal mistake, provide comprehensive assistance to women in a crisis situation.

He has no gentle name. Usually it is a «problem», «burden», «unwanted pregnancy». A kid doomed by his parents or circumstances. As a rule, for him there is no one to intercede.

«The life of every person is invaluable», we are convinced in the company «FITOFARM», and therefore we sponsored the project «For Life», initiated by the public organization «All-Ukraine».

As part of this project, it is planned to open pre-abortion consulting rooms, preventive lectures, courses for high school students and many other introductions that will help increase fertility and strengthen marriages.

However, an unborn child is not the only affected party. According to psychologists, mothers who made the decision to have an abortion, subsequently spend many years, and sometimes their whole life on rehabilitation from a severe psychological state – post-abortion syndrome (PAS).

In pre-abortion consulting room, qualified psychologist will tell about all the consequences of an abortion, which are silenced or not taken into account. And most importantly, the specialist will try to convey to women that abortion is not the only solution and any situation can be considered in favor of saving the child’s life.

In the room will help not only in word but in deed. In addition to free psychological counseling, if necessary, expectant future mothers will be provided with legal, social and even material support.

The doors of this room are open to everyone, regardless of place of residence.

If necessary, just knock on this door. Or tell about it to those who are in front of a difficult choice.

The more women receive support from the project, the more young Ukrainians will be born, and their mothers will save health and experience the happiness of motherhood.


Kyiv, st. Zakrevskogo, 81/1, Family Planning Room №137.

Reception time of the psychologist Lilia Sibir: Wednesday from 9.30 to 11.30.

Preliminary registration by phone: +380 (68) 861 44 52.


«For the will to win»: the company «FITOFARM» supported Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance»

«Catch a wave» of good deeds! In June 2019, our company attended a training session on swimming of Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance». At the request of our partners and friends from the charity foundation «Your Future», we bought and brought gifts for the most numerous branch of the school — swimming training equipment: flippers and goggles.

It is difficult to imagine that among children and teenagers, whom relatives bring to training often in wheelchairs, there are owners of proud champion titles.

All these medals were won by small athletes of Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance», who without any discounts on their health, compete with rivals in competitions. Each victory at the Paralympic Games is a page of a person’s personal courage.

Yes, it is oh so hard! To challenge fate, we need strength of spirit, endurance, iron will. Sometimes even an adult and a physically healthy person does not have enough determination to go in for sports. Now imagine how much persistence is necessary for children with disabilities, because even ordinary life is hard and full of obstacles for them.

In Kiev, there are now more than 50,000 children with disabilities, but only 1,500 of them have the opportunity to engage in sports facilities.

Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance» was opened in September 2015. During this period, pupils of the school repeatedly became winners and prize-winners of the Paralympic and Deflympic games, championships and World Cups, Europe and Ukraine.

Currently, in Children’s and youth sports school for the disabled «Chance» works 6 sports departments (Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, cross-country skiing and biathlon, athletics, powerlifting, swimming, orienteering), in which 150 pupils with disabilities, with defects of hearing, vision and intelligence, lesions of the musculoskeletal system are engaged.

Of course, not all disabled athletes become champions. But for many of them, it is not victory that is important, but sport itself, which is an effective means of maintaining health. When people with disabilities start exercising, they get out of depression, strengthen their faith in life and find a new social circle, make friends.

We are very glad that we were able to help such a special school, met wonderful guys and their caring coaches, saw children’s smiles and returned with a sense of pride in small and so strong-minded athletes.

The company «FITOFARM» wishes for large and small pupils of the Children’s and Youth Sports School «Chance» good health and new brilliant victories!


«For Life»: «FITOFARM» advocated increasing the birth rate of children in Ukraine

PrJSC «FITOFARM» once again supported the undertakings of our friends and partners from the Pro-Life Ukraine movement. This time, as sponsors and speakers, we took part in the organization of the international conference «Abortion – a new look. The concept of comprehensive support for crisis pregnant women».

At 12 weeks – at the age of «standard abortion», the child already knows how to do a lot: the baby opens and closes his mouth, closes the eyes, wrinkles the eyes, yawns, senses the emotional state of the mother and reacts to her. The kid turns the head, bends the legs, clenches the fist, finds the mouth and sucks a finger. The growth of a baby is about 9 cm. And at that moment his life can easily end.

According to official statistics only, last year 46,500 abortions were performed in Ukraine (1,500 of them for medical reasons).

«We urge every woman in case of a crisis pregnancy not to rush to have an abortion, and if necessary, contact our pre-abortion counseling rooms in order to maintain pregnancy and enjoy your baby in the future», said Oleksandr Yerukh, leader of Pro-life Ukraine movement.

In the international conference «Abortion – a new look. The concept of comprehensive support for crisis pregnant women» was attended by over 100 people from all regions of Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Great Britain, and the Russian Federation.

The aim of the conference was to create a platform for the exchange of experience of psychologists, clergy, doctors, teachers, volunteers and everyone who cares about protecting the right to life of unborn children.

One of the objectives of the event is to train gynecologists and psychologists on how to properly conduct conversations with women during unplanned pregnancies.

The conference was organized by the Pro-life Ukraine movement and the All Ukraine NGO.

With the support of our company, eight pro-abortion counseling rooms have been opened in Kiev through the proliferation movement. Approximately 20% of women consulted in them continue to be pregnant.

When conducting such consultations throughout Ukraine, this will mean adding from 30 to 40 thousand people a year to the population. Next year, it is planned to open pre-abortion counseling rooms with 10 more antenatal clinics. In the near future, such cabinets will operate with all women’s consultations in Kyiv.

Another area of the organization’s activities that FITOFARM supports is educational. Over the past nine months, 60 lectures in support of traditional family values, on intrauterine development of the child and the dangers of abortion have been held in the universities. About 1,500 students became listeners. Also, 6 videos of social advertising on the topic of abortion and the time of the beginning of human life were created. It is planned to hold a conference on the demographic situation in Ukraine and many other events.

«We support the «For Life» movement for several reasons», comments Vladyslav Malynin, CEO of FITOFARM. – First of all, this coincides with our moral and ethical values. The company’s shareholders do a lot of charity work, reinvesting part of the profits in various charity projects. And, of course, we work for the long term.

As pharmaceutical manufacturers, we develop our products for the benefit of people. And our success depends on the economic well-being of citizens.

We will continue to support this project so that the number of people involved in the movement grows every year. The correct education of today’s children and youth is very important – within the framework of traditional family values and love for children.

Spiritual development and educational work will certainly bear fruit. The more women who can help the project, the more little Ukrainians will be born».

The conference included trainings on «Methods and methods of preserving an unplanned pregnancy», «Features of working with crisis pregnant women in social networks», «Training in building premarital relationships», «Organization of educational activities in educational institutions».

We hope that the exchange of experience and knowledge with movement participants from different countries will open up new directions for the development of the project aimed at preserving life and increasing the number of children born.

Those who wish to join the Pro-life Ukraine movement to save the life of unborn children can call: 095-574-22-54, 093-279-11-19.

To get a free consultation with an unplanned pregnancy, you can call: 0-800-300-375.


“Hand over to grandchildren…”

Victory Day … What do these familiar two words hide? Too much… For those who have gone through the crucible of war, these are heart-rending memories, tears, smells, hunger, dandelions on the sides of broken roads, front-line songs and a special feeling of joy mixed with the bitterness of loss.

And for many employees of the FITOFARM company, this day is filled with gratitude to the veterans and those who gave his life for the Victory, to their great feat. Memory, respect and attention – this is the least that we can give heroes, the number of which are getting smaller.

In 2019, we not only supported the annual tradition of memory in the company, but also supplemented it by visiting combatants of the Second World War fighting in the city of Kiev.


“Everything was burning and rumbling around. We fled to the attack, stepping on the bodies of dead comrades…”

“At the age of 12 I went to the partisans. In a hurry, the whole village was driven into 4 sheds and set on fire…”

“To dream, of course, dreamed. Everyone had their own dreams. I dreamed of bread… “

“It was hard, very hard. Cried. It was scary. I wanted to live very much. Not everyone could overcome the feeling of fear… “.

“I survived the Siege of Leningrad. And my family is not. No one left… “

“When we entered the bombed-out city, chaos reigned there – people sat on the ground or wandered among the ruins in search of a piece of bread. There are no whole houses left … ”

“In the concentration camp they did not feed at all, there was no clean water. Ate snow. Nobody survived on hard work for more than a month… ”.

“I got out of the burning tank through the hatch in the bottom. It is very scary when a padded jacket is burning on you and burning gasoline is pouring from above. And it is impossible to crawl out from under the tank – the Nazis will shoot… ”.

That is how the very young girls and boys remembered the War, in whose fate World War II broke out. They were then only 15-18 years old.

They shared their memories with the «FITOFARM» employees who came to visit them with gifts. The combatants of the War talked about their military path, about the terrible ordeals that fell to the people during the War years.

The “FITOFARM” employees thanked the veterans for their feat, because with incredible efforts they restored the destroyed land, because we, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, live in a free country and wished them good health and longevity.

The veterans were very pleased to see us, many had tears in their eyes. In turn, they thanked the company “FITOFARM” for the attention and care.

We congratulate the veterans (Kiev): 

And of course, we traditionally visited veterans in hometown of our production.

We congratulate the veterans (Bakhmut):


Victory Day on May 9 is a day of tribulation, scarlet flowers, the memory of soldiers who died for their homeland … Guys, sleep well … You will rest in peace … We remember you.

Also on May 9, this year, Sales force team of “FITOFARM” company commemorated at the Monuments of glory in different cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Zaporozhye, Dniepr and Mariupol.

Victory Day binds generation for 74 years to the memory of hard time. Many employees of the company came with their children to honor the fallen soldiers, and therefore there is no doubt that the memory of the human feat will also be carefully kept in the hearts of young Ukrainians.



«Their world is love, patience and constant overcoming»: December, 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities


December, 3 is marked in Calendars around the world as the Day of Persons with Disabilities. It was marked not as a holiday, but as a reminder that “special” people live among us. This is a reminder that we should be kinder, more tolerant and more attentive to people who are not like us and have special needs.

In Ukraine, there are about 3 million people with disabilities. In the world, there are over 650 million such people. In hometown of our production – Bakhmut live more than 4,000 people with disabilities of various nosology’s. And they really need support.

For more than 10 years, FITOFARM Company has been providing assistance to people with disabilities, who are under the care of Public organization “Bakhmut City Council of Veterans of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies”. From year to year, we transfer charitable assistance to the sponsored organization.

Annually FITOFARM gives pharmacy kits to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Bakhmut City Council, which distributes them among people with disabilities in Bakhmut. 

In addition, our company employs more than 20 people from able-bodied disability groups, whom we help to integrate into society.

However, there are also things that depends on each of us. It is very important to understand that people with disabilities are not guilty of having limited opportunities. This is especially true for children who from an early age begin to understand that in addition to physical pains, limitations and problems, they also face rejection in society, difficulties in communication, movement, training and employment.

We would like to remind everyone of one very important thing: everyone wants to feel necessary. Persons with disabilities are no exception. They do not need our sympathy and pity. They need our help to become necessary for society, family, and friends.

People with disabilities face a lot of problems daily:

  • Moving around the city and even a simple way out of the house causes enormous difficulties due to the lack of ramps and specially equipped public transport.
  • Their material resources are limited, while they have very high costs of medical care and medicines.
  • In the country’s schools there are not enough inclusive classes and trained teachers to work with children with disabilities. Most of them are forced to attend home schooling. This raises the problem of socialization in childhood.
  • Society, and especially children’s groups, are not always ready to accept people with disabilities …

Meanwhile, they have the right to the same full-fledged life: playing sports, studying in ordinary schools, visiting theaters and shops, walking the streets, dreaming and dancing, swimming in the sea and relaxing in the cafe. And our task with you is to remove the barriers on their such a difficult path, and it is in our power.


PharmaView-2021 with FITOFARM: From Participants to Experts

Has the world economy passed the lowest point of the coronavirus-caused decline yet? What does the future hold for the pharmaceutical market? What challenges are waiting ahead for the manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacy chains? These, as well as many other issues, were discussed by the participants of the PharmaView-2021 international forum.

Each sphere has its own landmark events. For the pharmaceutical market, such event is PharmaView, annual analytical forum that has been bringing together the sector’s leaders for 16 years to date. This year’s broadcast gathered more than 600 participants from different parts of the world.

Аналітичний форум Фармапогляд

At PharmaView-2021 international analytical forum, our company was represented by Vladyslav Malynin (General Director), Volodymyr Kvashuk (Commercial Director), and Mariana Martynchuk (Head of Innovation and Strategic marketing).

The name of this year’s forum was “The Storm Persists”, showing that the “storming” factors are expected to retain their impact on the pharmaceutical market in 2021. COVID-19 pandemic dynamics, changes in the demand pattern and consumer behaviour, economic situation, regulatory changes are just a few of those factors. However, with the course chosen right, this new year offers a multitude of opportunities in the spheres of innovation, e-Health, digitalization, as well as other adaptive tools and strategies for marketing in the pandemic.

Our company has already developed its own expertise in the promising areas mentioned above, and we are planning to keep on actively developing it in the future.

Under the harsh pandemic conditions of 2020, FITOFARM PRJSC showed heady growth rates, higher than the market average, so we are confident to share our experience with other participants in the forum.

Участники форума фармпогляд 2021

During the discussion of the ways to market medicines in the new realities, market experts have praised the Extraterm brand advertising campaign, cited as an example of marketing efficiency.

Proper direct-to-customer communication and ingenuity of the TV commercial, first aired in September 2020, led to doubling of the demand for the medicine during the Autumn 2020 – Winter 2021 season.

In January 2021, Extraderm tablets made it to the TOP-5 list of brands of packaged solid form over- the-counter cough medicines (according to the retail sales data provided by Proxima Research).

Vladyslav Malynin has told the audience about the experience of cooperation with Mednex company, as well as with other operators selling medicinal products remotely. Also discussed with other participants in the forum were innovations in pharmaceutical logistics and legislative initiatives regulating the online trade of pharmaceutical products.

The news was published by a specialized publication for doctors, pharmacists and pharmacists “Weekly Pharmacy” at the link

фармакологиный форум 2021 в Украине

FITOFARM received an award for social projects

Good deeds … Already these words fill the heart with warmth and bring a smile. Social projects have long become an ordinary part of our company life. For 45 years of work “FITOFARM” we have developed good traditions to do good for others. We help shelters, schools, orphanages and boarding schools, veterans and people with disabilities, as well as everyone who needs participation.

FITOFARM not only implements its own social projects, but also supports the good deeds of other organizations. And of course, as a real city-forming enterprise, we give the good to our native city of production, Bakhmut. Last year was no exception.

When summing up the social projects that were implemented in 2018, the Bakhmut City Council presented the company FITOFARM with an award for active citizenship, active participation in the social projects of the city, and social policy.

The Chairman of the City Council noted with great gratitude the merits of our company and its significant role in the life of the city.

The memorial sign “Thank you”, which we brought from the solemn event, has already taken pride of place among the company’s awards. This dear prize for us will inspire us to new good deeds and social projects!


FITOFARM held a conference for pharmacy chains

The problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) is faced by more and more representatives of the men, and their number is constantly growing. According to experts, 322 million cases of ED * will occur in the world by 2025.

Eroton® is recognized as the leader in the Ukrainian market ** among the drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the middle price category.

In order to increase the awareness of pharmacists about the drug Eroton®, its properties, benefits and the results of clinical trials to improve the quality of public consultation, FITOFARM organized an interactive conference.

The event, dedicated to modern methods of treating potency disorders, was attended by about 100 representatives of pharmacy chains from Kyiv and the region, including pharmacists, heads of pharmaceutical and pharmacy organizations. The meeting of the participants of the interactive conference took place at Sex Educatoin Coffee, the first art cafe in Ukraine with a sexual orientation.

The program of the event included a lecture block from the doctor of medical sciences, professor, urologist, sexologist and andrologist Yuriy Gurzhenko, who revealed to the audience the importance of sexual dysfunction and spoke about the function and indications for the use of the drug Eroton®.

In continuation of the topic, the famous sexologist-practitioner Dmitry Sviridov held a master class with the participants, where he revealed the secrets of improving the quality of intimate life.

This educational event is planned as a series of training workshops for pharmacists, which will be held in different cities of Ukraine.

The past conference is of great scientific and practical importance for improving the sexual health and quality of life of patients with erectile dysfunction and improving the professional level of pharmacists.

* Maiorino M. I., Bellastella G., Esposito K. Lifestyle modifications and erectile dysfunction: what can be expected? Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 5-10.

* Data of the analytical system of market research “PharmXplorer” / “Pharmstandard” for 2018 on retail sales in packages and money over the past 6 years (since 2013).


Run for the Heart: FIOTFARM took part in Chestnut Run charity marathon

Running is good. Healthy lifestyle connoisseurs know that by heart. But sometimes running can be even better than usual. Yesterday, FITOFARM proved it.

For the first time in the history of our company, we have assembled a friendly team of athletic (and not so much so) people to join the Chestnut Run charity marathon taking place annually in Kyiv. This is the largest sport and charity event in Ukraine that have been held for several decades now. The funds raised by the project are used to buy equipment and expendable supplies for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This allows children suffering from heart defects and other cardiovascular diseases to receive more qualified and timely medical aid. Also, this is the way to show the little hearts that they are not left face-to-face with their illnesses, and that grown-ups do their best to help them get well as soon as possible.

This year’s marathon included several races, namely Kids Run for children under 15, Sports Run for athletically trained participants, Run of the Brave for disabled people who covered a distance of 500 meters in wheelchairs or with crutches, and 5 km Charity Run for teams.

This year, about 11 000 people took part in the races, including doctors from the Center for Pediatric Cardiology, members of the National Guard’s Rapid Response Brigade, employees of very diverse companies, and, of course, our FITOFARM team. Viktor Liashko, the minister of Health of Ukraine, have also participated in the event.

This has been a beautiful and unbelievable day, filled with emotions passed from heart to heart. We have covered the 5 km distance, finishing tired but happy, proud to be a part of a big good deed for a great cause of making dreams come true. This charity marathon was our first, but we hope it will give rise to yet another of our good traditions – promoting the kindness of heart for the sake of health.

Благотворительный марафон «Пробег под каштанами»

Visiting NUPhU: «FITOFARM» met students

Oh, and this is not an easy task to choose your first job! Should I start in a pharmacy? Should I try in pharmaceutical promotion? Perhaps can I do research? Or should I give preference for the medicines manufacturing? Sooner or later every graduate finds himself or herself at crossroads. We wanted to help future pharmacists to decide on their main choice in life.

«We build a career together» – career days were held with participation of FITOFAM and students of the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv.

Our company made presentation to students, presenting them the manufacturing site and the company as a whole, open vacancies, career prospects and social package for employees. In turn, students asked questions about the possible employment.

Such events are very useful for both students and employers: they help young professionals without experience to get a decent job, and employers to make sure that their choice is correct.

The doors of «FITOFAM» are always open for active and talented applicants of all ages, ready to learn new things and implement interesting and promising projects.