The Employees of the company “Fitofarm” in different parts of Ukraine honored the memory of those killed in the Second World War and congratulated the veterans on the Victory Day over Nazism.

We remember … We are proud … We adore … With sad smiles of veterans, with tears in our eyes, with bunches of spring flowers near the Eternal Flame – the solemn morning of May 9 begins in every city of Ukraine.

About 14 million Ukrainians remained on the margins of that terrible war, and it is our duty to pay them tribute and respect. That is why every year on this day in different cities of our country the employees of the company “Fitofarm” come to the obelisks of military glory to lay flowers to the graves of those who died in battle and express gratitude to the surviving veterans.


On cold granite slabs, the employees of “Fitofarm” gently lower the carnations and tulips warmed by the sun’s rays. A scarlet sea of flowers poured out, as if sheltering all those who are not with us today. Thank you for everything!

Dnepr: “Thank you for the flowering gardens, for the clear sky above your head, for the laughter of the children, for being alive”.

Kharkiv: “Thank you for the life you gave us. For the fact that today we live and raise children”.

Mariupol: “Thank you for your courage and dedication. For the life given to us. We are proud of your Victory”.

Kiev: “With gratitude for your courage and courage. Thanks to your exploit, we have the opportunity to live, dream, build a new power”.

Odessa: “Thank you for protecting us, stopping the aggressor and liberating our native land. Thank you for reviving the ruined houses and cities”.


73 years have been passed since the day when the long-awaited news of the Victory over Nazism was sounded. Every year, there are fewer and fewer living participants of those heroic events, and the more precious their memories.

In the city Bakhmut city, on the eve of the holiday, employees of the company “Fitofarm” visited veterans at home. Sincere communication, respect, flowers and rendered help for the holiday gave the war participants rare moments of warmth.

Bahmut: “Unfortunately, many of them can no longer move independently. Years take their toll. They met us mostly with tears in their eyes. I am touched and grateful that they are remembered about them. Meetings with the participants of the Second World War are one of the last opportunities to say personally the words of gratitude for their feat to front-line soldiers, home front workers, and also to all those who raised the ruined country from ruins and ashes. Do not lose it, please”.


Congratulations with Grand holidays!

Day of Memory and Reconciliation (May 8) and Victory Day over Nazism in World War II (May 9)!

Victory Day … It’s bright and simultaneously mournful holiday…

There is no family which has not been touched by war. Someone lost in war the grandfather, someone – father, son, husband … Ukraine lost in this cruel war about 14 million of its sons and daughters. We low bow and speak most sincere words of gratitude to the veterans for their great and immortal feat in the name of life and our peaceful future.

May peace and prosperity reigns in every house!


Giving children the joy!

The social work of the PRJSC FITOFARM continued in the Darnitsa Orphanage for children with physical and mental development defects.

Representatives of the company visited the orphanage and brought many gifts for house residents. Grateful employees of the Orphanage, in turn, staged an improvised mini-tour across the complex. They showed needlework classes, living quarters, a small park and a flower garden. Also They with great pride demonstrated the achievements of their wards: drawings, embroidery, soft toys. The meeting ended by a small show and gifts for small residents. The genuine joy of the children served as a great reward for the philanthropic activities of the company FITOFARM..

Back to school with FITOFARM

The new academic year for schoolchildren in the Bakhmut city started with a pleasant surprise from the company FITOFARM.

Sweet gifts helped first-graders cope with the unrest of the first school day. Experienced high school students were happy to begin the first lesson with juices and sweets too. Good start will bring a successful year for the little wards of the company FITOFARM.

Help for the Kyiv “Center for Social Assistance and Rehabilitation”

The company “FITOFARM” continued the good tradition of charitable programs in October. This time we provided charitable assistance to the Kyiv “Center for Social Assistance and Rehabilitation”. The center accepted people who had to leave their homes for saving their lives from fighting in the East of Ukraine. The rehabilitation center accepted 86 persons (mostly unprotected segments of the population: pregnant women, single mothers, children from six months old, people with disabilities). People live here until they can independently arrange their lives. The guardian of the center is a priest. Also the center has a separate room and a bathroom for each family. These rooms are not large but cozy. Kitchens are common for all families. The center has a games room and a gym too. The company “FITOFARM” donated the equipment necessary for the residents of the rehabilitation center: a washing machine, printer, microwave, 3 electric kettles. And the employees of our company collected 7 large bags with clothes and dishes. The management and residents of the rehabilitation center were very pleased with our visit. They showed great thanks to the company and the employees of “FITOFARM” for their care and assistance. The company will continue own charity for destitute in the future.