“Hand over to grandchildren…”

Victory Day … What do these familiar two words hide? Too much… For those who have gone through the crucible of war, these are heart-rending memories, tears, smells, hunger, dandelions on the sides of broken roads, front-line songs and a special feeling of joy mixed with the bitterness of loss.

And for many employees of the FITOFARM company, this day is filled with gratitude to the veterans and those who gave his life for the Victory, to their great feat. Memory, respect and attention – this is the least that we can give heroes, the number of which are getting smaller.

In 2019, we not only supported the annual tradition of memory in the company, but also supplemented it by visiting combatants of the Second World War fighting in the city of Kiev.


“Everything was burning and rumbling around. We fled to the attack, stepping on the bodies of dead comrades…”

“At the age of 12 I went to the partisans. In a hurry, the whole village was driven into 4 sheds and set on fire…”

“To dream, of course, dreamed. Everyone had their own dreams. I dreamed of bread… “

“It was hard, very hard. Cried. It was scary. I wanted to live very much. Not everyone could overcome the feeling of fear… “.

“I survived the Siege of Leningrad. And my family is not. No one left… “

“When we entered the bombed-out city, chaos reigned there – people sat on the ground or wandered among the ruins in search of a piece of bread. There are no whole houses left … ”

“In the concentration camp they did not feed at all, there was no clean water. Ate snow. Nobody survived on hard work for more than a month… ”.

“I got out of the burning tank through the hatch in the bottom. It is very scary when a padded jacket is burning on you and burning gasoline is pouring from above. And it is impossible to crawl out from under the tank – the Nazis will shoot… ”.

That is how the very young girls and boys remembered the War, in whose fate World War II broke out. They were then only 15-18 years old.

They shared their memories with the «FITOFARM» employees who came to visit them with gifts. The combatants of the War talked about their military path, about the terrible ordeals that fell to the people during the War years.

The “FITOFARM” employees thanked the veterans for their feat, because with incredible efforts they restored the destroyed land, because we, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, live in a free country and wished them good health and longevity.

The veterans were very pleased to see us, many had tears in their eyes. In turn, they thanked the company “FITOFARM” for the attention and care.

We congratulate the veterans (Kiev): 

And of course, we traditionally visited veterans in hometown of our production.

We congratulate the veterans (Bakhmut):


Victory Day on May 9 is a day of tribulation, scarlet flowers, the memory of soldiers who died for their homeland … Guys, sleep well … You will rest in peace … We remember you.

Also on May 9, this year, Sales force team of “FITOFARM” company commemorated at the Monuments of glory in different cities of Ukraine: Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Zaporozhye, Dniepr and Mariupol.

Victory Day binds generation for 74 years to the memory of hard time. Many employees of the company came with their children to honor the fallen soldiers, and therefore there is no doubt that the memory of the human feat will also be carefully kept in the hearts of young Ukrainians.



FITOFARM received an award for social projects

Good deeds … Already these words fill the heart with warmth and bring a smile. Social projects have long become an ordinary part of our company life. For 45 years of work “FITOFARM” we have developed good traditions to do good for others. We help shelters, schools, orphanages and boarding schools, veterans and people with disabilities, as well as everyone who needs participation.

FITOFARM not only implements its own social projects, but also supports the good deeds of other organizations. And of course, as a real city-forming enterprise, we give the good to our native city of production, Bakhmut. Last year was no exception.

When summing up the social projects that were implemented in 2018, the Bakhmut City Council presented the company FITOFARM with an award for active citizenship, active participation in the social projects of the city, and social policy.

The Chairman of the City Council noted with great gratitude the merits of our company and its significant role in the life of the city.

The memorial sign “Thank you”, which we brought from the solemn event, has already taken pride of place among the company’s awards. This dear prize for us will inspire us to new good deeds and social projects!


Visiting NUPhU: «FITOFARM» met students

Oh, and this is not an easy task to choose your first job! Should I start in a pharmacy? Should I try in pharmaceutical promotion? Perhaps can I do research? Or should I give preference for the medicines manufacturing? Sooner or later every graduate finds himself or herself at crossroads. We wanted to help future pharmacists to decide on their main choice in life.

«We build a career together» – career days were held with participation of FITOFAM and students of the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv.

Our company made presentation to students, presenting them the manufacturing site and the company as a whole, open vacancies, career prospects and social package for employees. In turn, students asked questions about the possible employment.

Such events are very useful for both students and employers: they help young professionals without experience to get a decent job, and employers to make sure that their choice is correct.

The doors of «FITOFAM» are always open for active and talented applicants of all ages, ready to learn new things and implement interesting and promising projects.


World in Embroidery in «FITOFARM»

How to celebrate the Day of Embroidery true Ukrainians? Yes, so… Wherever they are, they dress in a national costume, which is one of the brightest symbols of Ukraine. Because this holiday erases all the borders! The national pharmaceutical manufacturer – «FITOFARM» company also joined the all-Ukrainian flashmobile this year.

On May 16, the girls and boys of the company «FITOFARM» literally «blossomed», flashed red, blue, yellow, green and other incredible interweaving of colors. Dissolve red poppies and radiant sunflowers, colorful ivy trees spilled like a river, spread out ornaments and laces…

The impression, as if past and present, merged into one whole, because the combination of embroidery with modern clothes looks fantastic!

The participants of the flashmob received a lot of positive emotions, because catching the enthusiastic looks is very nice! And here is our flower team.

Colorful Kiev office and floral Production:

Picturesque Sales Force:

By such actions we not only popularize our traditions, but also demonstrate that we are able to unite around them.

This flashmob for us is another way to say that now and for all, we support our country and we are proud of it!

Let your embroidery protect you and your home!


Wishing you a Happy Easter!

FITOFARM company congratulates you on the bright holiday of Christ’s Resurrection and wishes you a happy Easter!


To be an enterprise with an active position that contributes to the development of your region and we again confirmed that we deserve this honorary title.

Representatives of the leading enterprises of the Donetsk region gathered in Kramatorsk at the VI Reporting and Election Conference of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Participants heard a report on the work of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce over the past 4 years, familiarized themselves with the development strategy until 2024, and selected a new President of the local business association.

The event was not only business, but also festive. The President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Honorary President of the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gennady Chizhikov addressed those present with a welcoming speech and presented honorary diplomas to invited representatives of enterprises.

The company “FITOFARM” received an honorary diploma for significant achievements, a significant contribution to the economy of Ukraine, as well as for many years of cooperation with the CCI. We were noted as a dynamically developing, socially significant enterprise with a rich history for the region.

In the photo: The President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents an honorary diploma to the Acting Director of the Production Department N. A. Derevyanko.

Recognition of the merits of the company from such a reputable partner as the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is another indicator for us that we are working and developing in the right direction!


«The city begins with you»

“FITOFARM” received the award in honor of the City Day.

On the second Saturday of September, the native city of our production – the old Bakhmut celebrated its 447th birthday. This year the program included about 50 different events that took place over 10 days and lasted until September 14 inclusive. One of the most long-awaited events of the holiday was the annual reception at the Mayor of Bakhmut, which traditionally celebrates the merits of the best of the best – not indifferent residents and patrons of art who respond to the needs of the city.

On the eve of the holiday, the mayor of the city, Alexei Reva, held a reception in the hall of the city’s Center for Culture and Leisure. E. Martynova. Leaders of city institutions and organizations, volunteers and ordinary residents were invited to the event. They actively participate in the life of Bakhmut and make it more beautiful and comfortable. Among the guests of honor of the celebration are representatives of the company “FITOFARM”, which for many years has made a significant contribution to the prosperity of its region.

On behalf of the entire city council, the mayor expressed his gratitude to our pharmaceutical company for active participation in projects supporting the fields of education and medicine, as well as in social and infrastructure projects.

In support of his words, the city head presented a memorable diploma and a statuette to PJSC “FITOFARM”, which took an honorable place in the collection of our company’s awards.

We once again join in the numerous congratulations on the City Day, we wish all Bakhmut people peace and prosperity, health, joy and happiness on their Ukrainian land. Happy holiday, glorious city of Bakhmut!


“Goodbye, school”!

“FITOFARM” visited the last call in the Bakhmut boarding school.

“Cheerful time”. “Carefree Days”. “Wonderful time” … That’s how most adults usually remember school years. At the end of May, all students are looking forward to having a great rest on summer holidays, sunbathe on the sea, to see distant relatives … And how else? After all, every child deserves a happy childhood, loving parents and a warm home. But there are children who are deprived of it.

In Bakhmut boarding school number 1 there are 75 special pupils. Among them are most of the children from incomplete and needy families, orphans or children without parental care, disabled children and settlers who had to flee from the horrors of hostilities. For many of these children, the traditional slogan “School is our home” has a literal sense.

The company “FITOFARM” helps regularly their boarding school for more than 15 years to make the unpleasant life of the wards lighter and more joyful. And today the company’s employees have not come with empty hands. On the Last Call Day, they also tried to do their utmost to make the young school pupils feel more happy.

All pupils from the kids to the high school students received fruit juices, and all graduates of the 9th form were given a gift wristwatch that would be useful in their future independent life. Particularly noted were the successes of students distinguished in study, sports, social life, mastery or creativity. They were solemnly presented with memorable letters and presents.

Children, in turn, did not remain in debt and pleased their “bosses” with concert numbers.

The guys warmly thanked the employees of the company for the attention they provided, the presents and the joy of the holiday, and their teachers and educators – for patience, kindness and care.

The day of the last call turned out very kind and touching. The final chord sounded the farewell trunk of the bell, which informed the graduates about the end of school and the beginning of a new, already adult life.

Traditionally, pupils of the boarding school have been released into the sky bright air balloons that have carried away their wishes and dreams. Let them all come true!

Company “FITOFARM” with all their heart congratulates the graduates with an important event.

«We wish you good luck and an easy road in your life under the peaceful sky. Let the new world be friendly to you, all the questions will have the right answers, and all the doors will open before you!

Good luck!