Providing consumers with effective, high-quality and safe medicines is the main goal of the national pharmaceutical company PJSC “FITOPHARM”. It is exactly for this reason that the Pharmacovigilance Department of the company carefully monitors the safety of medicines that reach the consumers.

Identification and analysis of the adverse reactions and/or inefficiency makes it possible to reduce in the future their number and provide consumers with quality medicines.

If you have any information about the cases of:

  • Any adverse reaction when taking the medicine.
  • Lack of therapeutic effect when taking the medicine.
  • Emergence of an unexpected therapeutic effect when taking the medicine.
  • Intentional or accidental overdose when taking the medicine. Wrong prescription of a medicinal product.
  • Improper taking of the medicinal product.
  • Interaction of the medicine with other drugs or food.
  • Taking medicine if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Complaint about the quality of a medicine produced by the PJSC “FITOPHARM”, please report it in any way convenient for you:
  1. Fill in the online form.
  2. By E-mail:
  3. By phone: +38 (044) 390 52 96 (24/7, voicemail machine)
    • +38 (050) 385 11 31
    • +38 (050) 344 12 60
  4. By mail: 7 Okhtyrskyi Lane. 1, P.O.  bldg  Box 2, Kyiv, 03680, PJSC “FITOFARM”, Pharmacovigilance Department.

Upon receipt of the message, our employee will definitely contact you within 24 hours. Filling in the message form confirms your consent to the processing, storage and transfer of personal data for the purpose of tracking, analyzing and reporting on the safety of our products. All information you provide to us is confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except as otherwise provided by law.


of adverse action to the drug for consumers

Information about the drug

Description of adverse reaction or indication of ineffectiveness*

Information about the reporter

Patient information


Information on the purpose of the drug

The drug was prescribed to the patient by a doctor
The patient used the drug without a prescription

Information about the doctor and the health care institution


About side effects (SE) and / or lack of efficacy (LE)
medicinal product (MP) during it's medical application

General information


Consequences SE/LE
RecoveryUnchangedRecovery with consequencesDeath, possibly from SEHealsUnknownDeath is not from SEDeath as a result SE
Category SE/LE*
Death of the patientOutpatient hospitalizationProlonged incapacity for work, disabilityAnother important medical assessmentLife threateningExtension of hospitalizationCongenital malformationsNone of the above

Information about the suspected medical product (SMP)

Don't know

Treatment is continuing

Information on concomitant medicines

don't know

Treatment continues

Means of correction SE

Cancellation SMP

Was the cancellation of the SMP accompanied by the termination of the SE?

Reappointment SMP

Is there a recovery of SE after re-appointment of SMP ?

Changing the dose regimen of SMP
SE/LE correction was not performedDrug treatment SE/LE

Information about the informant

DoctorPharmacistQualified Pharmaceutical ChemistNursFitofarm employeeEtc.