Comb drug | ⎯ | capsules with 540 mg No. 24, No. 48.

Promotes the normalization of the balance of sex hormones and erectile function.

  • Applied to normalize the balance of sex hormones and erectile function, is a natural aphrodisiac for men and women


Sildenafil| G04В Е03 | Tablets of 50 mg, 100 mg No. 1 (1 × 1), No. 2 (2 × 1), No. 4 (4 × 1) in the blister pack.

Makes an erectile-improving function.

  • Men with erectile dysfunction are used, which is defined as the inability to achieve or support an erection of the penis necessary for a successful sexual intercourse


Udenafil / G04B E11 / The tablets covered with membrane, 100 mg No. 1 and 200 mg No. 4 (2 × 2).

It uses for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for men.

  • Zydena is used to treat erectile dysfunction which characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain penile erection necessary for successful sexual intercourse. Zydena needs sexual arousal for effective action

Dental drops

Comb drug| A01AD11 | Drops of 10 ml in vials.

Makes a moderate analgesic, antiseptic and refreshing effect.

  • Applied for symptomatic treatment of toothache of different etiology.


Ichthammol | D08 AX | 10% Ointment 30 g in tubes.

Studies have shown that antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic action.

  • For the treatment of burns, eczema, erysipelas, neuralgia, arthritis used.

calendula OINTMENT

Calendula officinalis | D03 AX | Ointment 30 g in tubes.

Studies have shown that anti-inflammatory, reparative and antiseptic effect.

  • For the treatment of burns, cuts, cracks, and other skin lesions used.

calendula tincture

Calendula officinalis | D03 AX | Tincture, 40 mL vials.

Studies have shown that antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and mild choleretic effect.

  • As a local antiseptic applied with infected (septic) wounds, cuts, burns of the skin and in inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, gums (stomatitis, gingivitis), pharynx, tonsils (pharyngitis, tonsillitis) treatment, internally – as cholagogue with biliary dyskinesia, cholangitis, cholecystitis (in the complex therapy).


Camphora | M02 AX10 | Cutaneous solution 10% with oil, 30 mL in vials.

Studies have shown that antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, distracting, analgesic effect and eliminates itching.

  • For the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, arthralgia, myositis, myalgia, sciatica, skin itching used.


Combined drug product | D11 AX | Cutaneous solution with alcohol, 100 mL (or 200 mL) in vials.

Studies have shown that the local irritating, emollient and keratolytic effect, improves nutrition and hair growth.

  • For the prevention and treatment of hair loss, removing and preventing dandruff used


Ketoconazole | D01 AC08 | Cream 2% for external use, 15 g or 25 g tubes, number 1.

Studies have shown that antifungal activity.

  • Topically applied in the treatment of skin infections caused by dermatophytes: athlete body, hands, feet, groin athlete caused by Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Microsporum canis and Epidermophyton floccosum, as well as for the treatment of candidiasis and pityriasis versicolor skin. The cream also be assigned for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis with a skin condition associated with the presence of Malassezia furfur