Artedja injection

сhondroitin sulphate / М01А Х25 / Solution for injections in ampoules of 2 ml №10 (5х2) in a pack.

It inhibits the process of degeneration and stimulates the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, has chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

  • Promotes the restoration of the articular bag and cartilage surfaces of the joints, prevents compression of the connective tissue, performs the role of lubrication of articular surfaces, normalizes the production of joint fluid, improves joint mobility, helps reduce pain intensity, improves quality of life.
  • Slows the resorption of bone tissue and reduces calcium loss, accelerates the recovery of bone tissue.

Artedja Complex

Comb drug | M09AX | Capsules №60 (6х10) in blisters.

Combination drug to stimulate the restoration of cartilage tissue. Slows down the degeneration of cartilage tissue, reduces the activity of enzymes that destroy the articular cartilage. Helps reduce pain, improve joint function, reduces the need for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints.

  • Used for the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints and spinal column: primary and secondary osteoarthritis, shoulder-scapular periarthritis, spinal osteochondosis, fractures (to accelerate the formation of callus).

Artedja Emulgel

Chondroitin sulfate | М01А Х25 | Emulgel for external use 5% 40 g in a tube.

It inhibits the degeneration of cartilage tissue, has a chondroprotective effect, helps to restore the articular sac and cartilage surfaces of the joints, increases the production of intraarticular fluid, reduces pain in the affected joints and increases their mobility, and also slows the progression of osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis.

  • Used to treat degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints and spine (mostly localized forms): osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis.

Crataegi Tincture

Crataegus glycosides | C01 EB04 | Tincture 25 mL, 100 mL in vials (glass or plastic).

Studies have shown that the sedative, cardiotonic, antispasmodic action.

  • For the treatment of functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (neurocirculatory dystonia) used, as well as an auxiliary drug with milder forms of cardiac arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachycardia).

Valerianae extract

Valerianae radix | N05 CM09 | Coated tablets 20 mg, pack: vials number 50, blisters number 50.

Studies have shown that the hypnotic, sedative and antispasmodic weak effect.

  • For the treatment of increased nervous irritability, insomnia; in combination therapy in mild functional disorders of the cardiovascular system used.


Glycerol | D02AX | Solution for external use 85%, 25 g in vials.

It has a softening and protective effect.

  • It is used to soften the skin and treat mucous membranes, as a basis for the liniments and ointments production..

Comfrey ointment

Sumphytum officinalis| М02АХ10| Ointment 40 g in a tube, 50 g or 100 g in a jar.

It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, promotes the formation of bone marrow.

  • It is applied topically for pain in joints and muscles.

Mefenamic acid

Mefenamic acid | M01AG01 | 500 mg tablets No. 20 (10×2) in a blister.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that stimulates the formation of interferon.

  • It is used for acute respiratory viral infections and flu to reduce pain of low and medium intensity.