Sildenafil| G04В Е03 | Tablets of 50 mg, 100 mg No. 1 (1 × 1), No. 2 (2 × 1), No. 4 (4 × 1) in the blister pack.

Makes an erectile-improving function.

  • Men with erectile dysfunction are used, which is defined as the inability to achieve or support an erection of the penis necessary for a successful sexual intercourse



Comb drug | ⎯ | capsules with 540 mg No. 24, No. 48.

Promotes the normalization of the balance of sex hormones and erectile function.

  • Applied to normalize the balance of sex hormones and erectile function, is a natural aphrodisiac for men and women



Udenafil / G04B E11 / The tablets covered with membrane, 100 mg No. 1 and 200 mg No. 4 (2 × 2).

It uses for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for men.

  • Zydena is used to treat erectile dysfunction which characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain penile erection necessary for successful sexual intercourse. Zydena needs sexual arousal for effective action