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Glycerol | D02AX | Solution for external use 85%, 25 g in vials.

It has a softening and protective effect.

  • It is used to soften the skin and treat mucous membranes, as a basis for the liniments and ointments production..

Comfrey ointment

Sumphytum officinalis| М02АХ10| Ointment 40 g in a tube, 50 g or 100 g in a jar.

It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, promotes the formation of bone marrow.

  • It is applied topically for pain in joints and muscles.

Mefenamic acid

Mefenamic acid | M01AG01 | 500 mg tablets No. 20 (10×2) in a blister.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that stimulates the formation of interferon.

  • It is used for acute respiratory viral infections and flu to reduce pain of low and medium intensity.

Ranostop solution

Povidone-iodine | D08AG02 | Solution for external use and local application, in 50 or 100 ml vials.

It has an antimicrobial effect.

  • It is used for hand disinfection and antiseptic treatment of mucous membranes, wounds, burns, hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.


Povidone-iodine | D08AG02 | Coated tablets, 22.5 mg No. 30 (10 × 3), No. 50 (10 × 5), No. 100 (10 × 10) in blisters.

It has hepatoprotective effect.

  • It is used at toxic liver damage: for the supportive treatment of patients with chronic inflammatory liver diseases or cirrhosis.

EXTRATERM pastilles


Comb drug | | Pastilles number 24 (12×2) in blisters.

Helps relieve well-being with a dry cough, irritation, sore throat, hoarseness.

  • It is used as a dietary supplement to protect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract under the influence of various irritants, reduce irritation in the throat, hoarseness of the voice, relieve dry cough and strengthen the general immune system.

«For Life»: «FITOFARM» advocated increasing the birth rate of children in Ukraine

PrJSC «FITOFARM» once again supported the undertakings of our friends and partners from the Pro-Life Ukraine movement. This time, as sponsors and speakers, we took part in the organization of the international conference «Abortion – a new look. The concept of comprehensive support for crisis pregnant women».

At 12 weeks – at the age of «standard abortion», the child already knows how to do a lot: the baby opens and closes his mouth, closes the eyes, wrinkles the eyes, yawns, senses the emotional state of the mother and reacts to her. The kid turns the head, bends the legs, clenches the fist, finds the mouth and sucks a finger. The growth of a baby is about 9 cm. And at that moment his life can easily end.

According to official statistics only, last year 46,500 abortions were performed in Ukraine (1,500 of them for medical reasons).

«We urge every woman in case of a crisis pregnancy not to rush to have an abortion, and if necessary, contact our pre-abortion counseling rooms in order to maintain pregnancy and enjoy your baby in the future», said Oleksandr Yerukh, leader of Pro-life Ukraine movement.

In the international conference «Abortion – a new look. The concept of comprehensive support for crisis pregnant women» was attended by over 100 people from all regions of Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Great Britain, and the Russian Federation.

The aim of the conference was to create a platform for the exchange of experience of psychologists, clergy, doctors, teachers, volunteers and everyone who cares about protecting the right to life of unborn children.

One of the objectives of the event is to train gynecologists and psychologists on how to properly conduct conversations with women during unplanned pregnancies.

The conference was organized by the Pro-life Ukraine movement and the All Ukraine NGO.

With the support of our company, eight pro-abortion counseling rooms have been opened in Kiev through the proliferation movement. Approximately 20% of women consulted in them continue to be pregnant.

When conducting such consultations throughout Ukraine, this will mean adding from 30 to 40 thousand people a year to the population. Next year, it is planned to open pre-abortion counseling rooms with 10 more antenatal clinics. In the near future, such cabinets will operate with all women’s consultations in Kyiv.

Another area of the organization’s activities that FITOFARM supports is educational. Over the past nine months, 60 lectures in support of traditional family values, on intrauterine development of the child and the dangers of abortion have been held in the universities. About 1,500 students became listeners. Also, 6 videos of social advertising on the topic of abortion and the time of the beginning of human life were created. It is planned to hold a conference on the demographic situation in Ukraine and many other events.

«We support the «For Life» movement for several reasons», comments Vladyslav Malynin, CEO of FITOFARM. – First of all, this coincides with our moral and ethical values. The company’s shareholders do a lot of charity work, reinvesting part of the profits in various charity projects. And, of course, we work for the long term.

As pharmaceutical manufacturers, we develop our products for the benefit of people. And our success depends on the economic well-being of citizens.

We will continue to support this project so that the number of people involved in the movement grows every year. The correct education of today’s children and youth is very important – within the framework of traditional family values and love for children.

Spiritual development and educational work will certainly bear fruit. The more women who can help the project, the more little Ukrainians will be born».

The conference included trainings on «Methods and methods of preserving an unplanned pregnancy», «Features of working with crisis pregnant women in social networks», «Training in building premarital relationships», «Organization of educational activities in educational institutions».

We hope that the exchange of experience and knowledge with movement participants from different countries will open up new directions for the development of the project aimed at preserving life and increasing the number of children born.

Those who wish to join the Pro-life Ukraine movement to save the life of unborn children can call: 095-574-22-54, 093-279-11-19.

To get a free consultation with an unplanned pregnancy, you can call: 0-800-300-375.